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About: Maria Fairolaine Pulmano Cuyos by Catholic Birth Certificate Ferolaine Pulmano Cuyos by Country [Philippines] of Birth Registry Maria Fairolaine/Ferolaine Pulmano Cuyos /Roxas by Royal Affiliation in The Treaty of Edict of Nantes 1971 as Philippines was ceded to Rome by USA for 24 Million Dollars of Gold reserved.

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Dr Ambrocio Concorde Peres Pulmano & Wife Sipriana Peres Garcia , my Great grandparents, of Unified Germany in 1936: Dr Ambrocio Concorde Peres [Maximilian] Pulmano State name: Emperor Frederick Clemens II of Rome & Oldenburg Sipriana Peres [Wittelsbach] Garcia State name: Queen Anne Sophie Louise of Unified Germany & Windsor Their seventh Son is My Grandfather Braullo [Braulio] Garcia Pulmano State Name: 9th Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden Count of Windsor and Oldenburg Second daughter Alili Abenes Pulmano is my mommy...I am her eldest daughter..I had only one younger sister and no brother.
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