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San Jose High School 1946 1947 Spring Supreme Court: FIRST ROW (left to right): Julia Velez, Frances Costanza, Edward Kawahara SECOND ROW: Mr. Baylor, Tom Halversen, Rose Crimi
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San Jose High School 1946 1947 Fall Supreme Court: FIRST ROW (left to right): Mr. Baylor, Rose Crimi, Julia Velez SECOND ROW: Paul Stahl, Tom Halversen, Clarence Miller
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San Jose High School 1946 1947 Spring Legislative Council: FIRST ROW (left to right): Terry Bowman, Lucille Sterling, Bill Ellis, Barbara Weisbrod, Bud De Smet, Ruth Johnson, John Drew, Vivian Spatola, Richard Steinbauer SECOND ROW: Angelina strangio, Helen Yamamoto, Lois March, Lionel Silva, Ted Jones, Jerry Erich, Eddie Simmons, Clarence George, Bob Meyer THIRD ROW: Don Dumas, George Spadafore, Ed Spoon, Bob Madsen, Clarence Miller, Jim Fox, Fred Irace
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FIRST ROW (left to right): Milton Gordon, Lynn White, Bruce Spoon Norman Mineta, Jimmy Madson, Ed Sermone, Don Remeiro SECOND ROW: Grace Ezaki, Ardath Williams, Barbara Leach, Joan Dart, Kathryn Filippone, Connie Mancusco, Oneta Graves, Rose Marie Serratore, Eleanor Lema, Lucille Chimenti, Alyce Tanouye THIRD ROW: Mary Lee Farraone, Barbara Weisbrod, Lois Marsh, Marilyn Hale, Joy Ubler, Barbara MacKenzie, Norma Sanders, Helma Schaar, Jeanette Gomes, Lanora Mann, Lois Miller, Tom Patman, Beverly Jane Balcon FOURTH ROW: Frances Sunseri, Sal Orlando, Bob Thomsen, Jerry Schmidt, Ed Rutherford, Tom Halversen, George Spadafore, Paul Stahl, Sam Baio, Bill Cox
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Photo is of Charles Arthur Dorr & Clara Fulton Dorr and their family, taken in San Jose CA in 1912. Pictured Left to Right are Robert (Bob) Grant Dorr (1898-1977), Ross Edward Dorr (1892-1958), Elise (Elsie) Lalau Dorr (married to Ross 1894-1947), Lane Martin Dorr (1895-1935), Charles Arthur Dorr (1869-1943), Leona Blanche Dorr Silva (1906-1986) and Claranette (Clara, Clarry) Fulton Dorr (1869-1948). The Dorr's and Clara Fulton Dorr came to California sometime in the 1900's from Valparaiso, Indiana. Charles Arthur Dorr is the son of Edward Dorr (1816-1879 and Sarah Elizabeth (Eliza) Bull Dorr (1827-1916) of Indiana. Clara Dorr is the daughter of James Sloan Fulton (1835-1904) and Martha Ann Hughart (1840-1925) of Valparaiso, Indiana. Elise Lalau Dorr was born in San Francisco California. Her parents Elie and Anne Marie Bourdet Lalau were originally from France. Charles Arthur Dorr & Clara Fulton Dorr are my great grandparents and Ross Edward Dorr and Elise Lalau Dorr are my grandparents.
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Frankie Smillie Great, That's what I needed to know to comfirm it was George Leone Fulton. I recently came into contact with his great grandson through and wanted to let him know. George is also in one of your other photos which I think is titled "Fulton Children and Cousins". I believe my great grandmother Clara is also in that photo and now that we know that is George we might be able to figure out which one is Clara. Thanks again Pam!
Apr 16, 2012 · posted to the photo George Fulton; Porter Co., Indiana