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Gail Moffat Gail Janette Moffat was born in 1956 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Gail was the third child of four siblings born to Donald Stewart Moffat and Ruth Sullivan. Gail's father, Don, was also born in Queensland, Australia, at Clermont, in 1929. At Gail's birth, both mother and child almost died. Surprising everyone, both survived. A dedicated doctor is said to have held the mother's hand during their struggle for life. The compassionate care of this doctor became legend, as an often repeated family story.
Feb 28, 2009 · posted to the surname Moffat
Gail Moffat Thank you Philip for sharing this photo of William. Could you provide some more details? I would like to know if William is an ancstor.
Feb 28, 2009 · posted to the photo Great Grandfather William
Gail Moffat Thank you Barbara for sharing this photo. I am checking to see if we are related. Abi
Feb 28, 2009 · posted to the photo Robbert Moffat