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About: Most pictures are from the collection of Glen & Oda (Eagleson) McKay. Other pictures are from recently found "cousins". Hopefully other "cousins" will make comments & contribute their treasures. Other pictures posted are: McKay, Eagleson, Essig, Stever, Burch, Washburn, Humphreys, Harrison, & Stanart.

Researching: Humphreys, Harrison, Burch, Washburn, Eagleson, Mckay, Essig, Stever, Stanart

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Herbert Stanley and Jennie May (Parret) McKibben. Back of postcard picture reads: Evert 5 years. Cliff 5 months. From the collection of Donald McKay.
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1944/1945 1 thru 4 grades Top row: Glenna McKay, Kenneth Peyton, Beverly Stone, Mrs. Ward, Leroy Davis, Mary Carter. 2nd: Merlene & Earlene Evans,...
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Sons of Abraham A. and Cynthia McKay. James Monroe McKay, b. 1860, d. 1932. Lemuel Abraham McKay, b. 5-16-1863, d. 8-8, 1948. Sherman McKay b. 1867, d. 1904.
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Cynthia, b. 1839 d. 1901. Daughter of Lemuel and Cynthia Rawlins Washburn. Wife of Abraham A. McKay and mother of James Monroe, Leumuel Abraham and Sherman...
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John Essig home before 1907. Picture was taken in 1925.
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The McKay's lived in this home before 1905. Picture was taken in 1925.
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This photo could have been taken at Princeton, MO.
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Glen McKay and his Dad. Glen was twenty-three years old.
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Glenna McKay-Maddux bobko3703, I recently deleted an email you sent. Please contact me again.
Apr 07, 2009 · posted to the photo Alluwe Boys
Glenna McKay-Maddux Where in Oklahoma?
Apr 07, 2009 · posted to the photo Ok. oil well
Glenna McKay-Maddux Skeltonsteverkid. So sorry but just now notice there was a reply to this picture. I do know Edith. In fact, several years ago we found our ancestor Abel Humphreys grave and had his fallen headstone raised. About the same time Edith put a stone for Andrew (Jack) Stever. My email address is Again sorry i overlooked your posting.
Dec 05, 2008 · posted to the photo George Stever Family
Glenna McKay-Maddux Home was located at Princeton, Mercer County, Missouri.
Jan 26, 2007 · posted to the photo Lemuel McKay Home
Glenna McKay-Maddux Correction: Mary Harrison Humphreys died August 3, 1903 instead of July 3, 1903.
Jan 25, 2007 · posted to the photo Mary Harrison Humphreys
Glenna McKay-Maddux Front: John, Mary Essig & Susan McMahon. Susan's daughter between John & Mary. Back: Janie, Grant, Tiffie, Miranda & Myrtle Essig.
Feb 16, 2005 · posted to the photo John Essig Family
Glenna McKay-Maddux Barb, I have emailed you. John Thorpe was the second husband of my grandmother and do not have any information regarding him. Sorry, Glenna McKay Maddux
Sep 13, 2004 · posted to the photo Mary Caroline (Stever) Eagleson
Glenna McKay-Maddux Names of daughters: Gladys, Fairel, Ellen, Opal, Ruth, & Nathalie. Son: Willie E. Floyd, Virgil, Harry & Walter.
Mar 24, 2004 · posted to the photo Fairel Derry
Glenna McKay-Maddux Belle Stever was the community mid-wife. She had been known to stay as long as two weeks at the bedside of a neighbor nursing her back to health. She used herbs and home remedies and would go at any hour to minister to the ill.
Aug 27, 2003 · posted to the photo Belle & George Stever
Glenna McKay-Maddux George was noted for his honesty, fairness and willingness to help any who need assistance. Many people received free lodging that needed rest before crossing White River. He help those who could't afford the ferry by taking them across in his boat.
Aug 27, 2003 · posted to the photo Belle & George Stever
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