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Tirey L. Ford, was born in Monroe County, Missouri, the son of Jacob Harrison Ford and Mary Winn Abernathy. In 1877, at the age of 19, Ford came to Colusa County, California. For three years, he worked on his uncle (Hugh J. Glenn)'s ranch; Glenn was a Democratic candidate for Governor. He became a student in the law office of Colonel Park Henshaw in Chico, California. He was admitted to the California Bar in August, 1882.
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Byington Ford was born in Downieville, California on November 1, 1890.
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Alexander Dawson Henderson Sr. was born at Myrtle Street and Throop Avenue in Brooklyn, New York on February 28, 1865. He became Vice-President and Treasurer of the California Perfume Company (now called Avon Products, Inc.)
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