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Families researching: Angell, Cook, Decker, Greene, Horth, Lippit, Marble, Odell, Oliver, Perry, Phillips, Utter

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Greg Horth Hello Melinda, Thank you for the information. When I get a chance I'll pull out the paperwork and try to see how we are connected. My e-mail is to e-mail me directly. This is my line: My Grandmother Florence (Marble) Oliver F. Claude Marble M. Ethel (Cook) Marble, F. John Cook - Sarah Greene - Lyman Greene W. Melissa Williams- Thomas Green W. Rebecca Lippitt - Benjamin Greene w. Ann Lowe. Benjamin died ,strangely in South America, while serving our Country during the Revolution. The ladies of the family are in the DAR through his service. John Cook and those before him are all in the book "The Greene Family" which is the Family's official record. I have 3 direct descendants on the mayflower and 4 who served in the Revolution. So if a Greene descendant was on the Mayflower as well that would be 4 as well. I live in the same town that Rebecca Lippitt did and there are many descendants of both family's here, as the Lippitt's and Greene's moved here after the Revolution. Greg Horth
Jul 07 · posted to the photo Robert Russell Greene
Greg Horth He was always a hard working guy, who never wondered how you got things done, he just went ahead & did it. It probably comes from his pioneer spirit. He grew up in the last log cabin in Meredith, Delaware Co.NY. At a young age he shipped freight by oxen cart from the Franklin Turnpike over the mountain to Klipknocky or the City of Oneonta as it is known today. Later he worked as a butcher for Swifts. In 1944 he open a auto repair shop on Market Street,Oneonta; Marbles. In 1946 he opened Oliver's Good GULF at the foot of Franklin Mt.(Rt 28 & Rt 7) where the traffic light is now. He also operated an excavation business. His dad was Darius Richard Oliver and his Grandfather was Darius or Darias Oliver who built the log cabin after fighting in the Civil War for both the 65th NY and the 121St NY.
Dec 20, 2015 · posted to the person Harold G Oliver
Greg Horth Leon Angell w/ cigar, with first wife Anna E. Crandall. 2nd wife was Grace Young
Feb 05, 2014 · posted to the photo Angell family