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Updated May 26, 2022


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Colleen Kernan commented on Dec 01, 2002
As a young lad I had an opportunity none will have again.We,the Cook kids who grew up at Clarendon were told about the Revolutionary War by it's last soldier, our Great Grandfather,Lemuel Cook,who we more affectionately called granpa Lem.He would delight in telling us about his life and we were glad to listen.We'd watch for Lemuel to come to come out and sit in his rocker either on the front porch or under the big old elm tree in the front yard,as he always did on warm summer afternoons.We would watch for him to motion us to come over with his cane, he always knew we were watching and would run to see who would get there for the best seat.It would usually start with a question.Tell us about George Washington,what did he look like?He would say "Let me think on it",a gleem would come to his eye and he would begin to speak slowly and deliberately. I saw General Washington a few times ,said a few words to him and he back to me.I'll not forget .First time I set eyes on him was at White Plains or there abouts.I'd joined up at the first call and those first couple of years were hard ones.Our company was resting near White Plains after being pushed off the island and out of New York City and up river.My job was with Major Tallmadge bein' in the Light Dragoons we had horses to take care of.Mine was a good ole Bay I'd brought from home.I was caring for my horse and a couple of others that needed rubbing down and heard a commotion a ways down the road. I could see by the uniforms it was officers leading several companys of foot.One fellow sat in the saddle head and shoulders above the others.I knew it must be the General,we had heard how large a man he was.As they came closer all I could do was stand there with my mouth open.An officer in front gave me a dirty look like saying,'How come you don't salute?I whipped off a fancy one. The officers dismounted and went to talk with the Major I suppose.I went back to my horse,a while later the General came around the headquarters where I was ,to stretch his legs I suppose and said,"Is that your horse soldier?""Yes ,Sir,said I coming to attention.He put me at ease and asked my name,"Lemuel Cook ,from Connecticut, Sir".That's a right smart mount you have there Lemuel Cook from Connecticut"."He's done good by me, General"said I."Well ,you take care of him,you will be glad you did",with that the General went about his business. That's all there was to it,I'll never forget tho,all the things that must have been pressin' on him he took time for a kind word.He had the kindest look in his eyes I've ever seen.Got the chance to see him a few times more being in the quartermasters,they called us artificers in them days.Didn't see him again until some two,maybe three years later.We were going down thru the Head of Elk,things were better,we had been winning we knew we had a big battle coming up somewhere to the south.Scuttle butt was that the General had gone on ahead and would meet us along the way. We had stopped and I was minding my own business payin'no mind to no one when I heard a rich full voice say,Lem Cook, is that you?"I thought that might be you with that bay".I had whirled around with my eyes bugging out and mouth wide open again,amazed that he had remembered me. I finally managed a "Yes Sir","It's very good to see you Sir"."I admire the lines of your Bay,Lem,I have one like it at Mount Vernon","Yes sir,he's a little worse for wear but I've been keepin' your advice,my brothers made me promise to bring him back to the farm when the War was done"."That's what we are about, Private"and with that the General was gone as quickly as he appeared.I'd grown six inches since the last time I spoke we'd met,he must of recognized the horse than me.It seems as tho he still towered a foot over me.But I was ten feet tall after that,they all asked "How come the General knows you?"they all asked.I didn't tell 'em.We saw him again at Yorktown,which turned out to be the big one where we was headin'.Last time I spoke to him was at Danbury when he gave me my discharge,I was standing there with my brother,still have my discharge here someplace,but will have to tell you about that another time.The general had a look about him you don't forget,there's hardly any words to describe him.Those were hard days for the most part but there was some good things about them too. Note*Lemuel Cook was born 10 Sept.1759 in Connecticut.He died 20 May 1866 in Clarendon New York.Frank W.Cook who recorded this story was his grandson.
Nancy Adams commented on Dec 01, 2002
This if from a newspaper clipping: Juanita Cook Bride of Sgt. S. E. Williams Miss Juanita Cook daughter of Mrs, Iva Cook, 5119 Victor, became the bride of Staff Sgt. Sidney E. Williams, USMCR, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney L. Williams, Milford, Feb, 23, at the Junius Heights Baptist Church. The Rev. Melton C. Greer officiated. The bride was given in marriage by her brother Horace Cook. Mr. and Mrs Robert Townsend attended the couple and special music was furnished by another brothe of the bride, Verdie Cook, soloist and Miss Mary Cook, organist. Ushers were P> W. McClendon and Ben Cook, who is also the bride's brother. A reception was held following the ceremony at the home of the bride's mother. Mrs. Williams is a graduate of Corsicana High School and attended TSCW. Her husband, a graduate of Milford High School, served with the AAF in the European theater of operations during the war. After a short wedding trip, the couple is at home at 2818 Brooklyn. Out-of-town guests at the wedding included the bridegroom's mother and Miss Frances Williams, Milford; Mrs. Aulton P. Yeager and Miss Phillis Ann Yeager, Nevada, and Mrs. Aline Tremble, Corsicana.
Nancy Adams commented on Dec 01, 2002
Ancel Cook, 63, a resident of Dallas for 20 years, died Sunday in a Dallas hospital after a heart attack. Cook, who lived at 2105 Royal Lane, owned and operated the Checkerboard Feed Store at 11415 harry Hines for several years. He was a member of Highland Baptist Church. A native of Oklahoma, he moved to Collin County in 1900, later to Dallas. Survivors include his wife; a son, James Cook of Sweetwater; a daughter, Miss Melva Cook fo Nashville, Tenn,; two sisters, Mrs Lonnie Smith of Royse City and Mrs. W. E. Holland of Dallas and a brother, D. E. Cook of McKinney. Funeral arrangements were pending at Rhoton Funeral Home, Carrollton.
Nancy Adams commented on Dec 01, 2002
Ira Ancel Cook, the son of Ira Erastus Cook and Clarissa Stinebaugh Cook was born 3-16-1894 Cameron (near Ft. Smith, Ar.) His church membership was at Highland Baptist, Dallas, Tx. He married Irene Frazier Oct. 20, 1915 Nevada, Tx. He died Nov. 10,1957 Baylor Hospital, Dallas, Tx. Irene was born Aug. 22, 1895 Nevada, Tx. Also became a member of Highland Baptist Church. She died Jan 15, 1979 Brookhaven Medical Center, Dallas, Tx. She was the daughter of David Edward Frazier and Annie Olivia Williamson Frazier. Irene and Ira Ancel are buried at Restland, Dallas,Tx. Children: Melva Janice Cook born Aug.1,1919 Nevada, Collin Co. Tx. James Weldon Cool born Nov. 5, 1926 Wylie, Collon Co. Tx. m 1st: Melva Moore, 2nd: Helen Rolater--one child Pat Cook. Verdie Bryan Cook born 2-17-1889 Cameron, It . He was a Baptist; he died in Nevada, Tx and is buried there. He was a son of Ira Erastus and Clarissa Stinebaugh Cook. He married Iva Ethel Estes. He died Jan 12, 1930. She married J. O. Smithey. Verdie and Iva Cook's Children: Horace Alton Cook born Jan 12, 1924 Nevada, Collin Co. Tx. married 1st: Dorothy Clinton 2nd Mary Elizabeth Bedigan. He died Nov 24, 1981. Bennet Bryan Cook (Ben) born 11-17, 1926 Neveada, Collin Co. Tx. married Mary Margaret Cook (not related). They are still living. One daughter Melissa Jane Cook married 1st: Kevin Thompson, children: James Paul Thompson and Fiana Lynn Thompson. Melissa's 2nd: Benjamin Reid Tamplin, Jr. Child: Bryan Bennett Tamplin. Iva Juanita Cook born Nov 27, 1926 Nevada, Collin Co. Tx. Married Sidney E. Williams, she died Oct 16, 1991. She had the misfortune of eating at the Luby's in Killeen, Tx. the day a hate filled person drove his truck inside and got out shooting, Juanita was one of the victims of his shooting rampage. Verdie Estes Cook born in 1930, he married Mary Nell Bellflower. Children: David Cook and Barbara Gayle Cook.
Susan Cook commented on Feb 27, 2003
Here is my "Mystery Man" story. Anyone who may recognize the man or any other information about the rank in the service or which branch's serving in would be greatly appreciated. A photo of him can be seen on AncientFaces in the Mystery section under surname "Cook", entitled "Mary Cook Henchman's Unknown" Man. Never give up on your family research. I'd been researching the COOK Family for about four years and then I decided to research the Witnesses on our certificates. Through this I discovered some step family members who knew our family well. She gave us the name of a half sister to my husband which we knew nothing about. The researcher contacted the sister but she didn't want to have any contact with us at that time. So we respected her wishes for her privacy. However we did get to England and visited with the step family who was happy to meet with us for some time and now we communicate through letters. We were so happy and they are just wonderful people. After 2 years I decided at Christmas that I'd send our half sister a letter, not a Christmas card, as yet we knew nothing of her background. In this letter I enclosed a picture of my husband, her half brother and stated that now you may not wish to speak with us but that someday if she had children they may wish to contact the family. Well, about two months after Christmas 2001 we receive a letter from another country and this is from her son, our nephew. He was over joyed to find some Cook Family. Soon we were emailing each other often and he sent us his web page and finally this past Christmas 2002 we get an invitation to meet his mother in London. How happy we were. It was during this visit that I was given a wee small picture of a man in a service uniform. She told us that their mother kept this photo on her always and in the end when she was on the way to a hospital where she died she passed this small pamphlet with a 1' by 2' photograph to me stating she did not know the man nor did my husband. She stated to me that I may be able to find who he was and what rank and branch of service he may be in and maybe where the photo was taken. To say I was overjoyed is an understatement. I've been trying through all my resources to find his rank and branch of service he may be in. It's fun and exciting to discover information that formerly was a mystery and I'm on the trail of discovery. I love it! Thanks for any sort of information.
Sharon Bryant commented on Mar 18, 2006
My father, Frank Krolikowski-Cook passed away recently. While searching for his military records, a box was found with fifteen eight by ten photos of WWII Veterans. Each photo has a name on it. Some photos have years dating from 1942 - 1945. I would like to find either the Veteran himself if possible, or the families of these Veterans and send them the photo. The names of the soldiers are: George Schroeder; V.J. Parr; George Harris; Dr. F.L. Mitlinos; Forrest J. Poole; Joe Eule; Al Wish; Harry "abie" Levine; Herman Weiner; Harry Paskow; C.J. "Olsen" Olszowski; Albert Kamm, Wilford L. McHugh, and S.J. "Butch" Plas. One photo of Veteran Gordon J. Engelbrink has found its way home. I found his son living, made the phone call to verify some information, sent him the photo by email and he verified it that yes, it was his father. My father was in the Army, though Mr. Engelbrink's photo proved he was in the Navy. How my father and he crossed paths, I have no idea unless my father met him while be transported on a ship. My father took basic training at Ft. Sheridan in Illinois in 1942. He served in the 50th Field Artillery Battallion overseas. Though my father talked very little about his service years, I know he served in Germany and France. If anyone has any information on any of these Veteran's, please contact me by email. Thank you, Sharon Bryant [contact link]
Matt Cook commented on Jan 26, 2012
Mathew George Cook is the grandson of Stasys and Sofie Kudokas and son of George. He currently resides in Iowa with his wife and 3 daughters, Anna age 8, Abigail age 6 and Ava age 2. He is the owner operator of GP Enterprises a commercial construction company in the midwest United States. He will be traveling to Lithuania for the first time in March 2012 and is hoping to find and meet relatives from the Kudokas family. He can be reached via email at [contact link]
Wanda Stone commented on Sep 27, 2014
Searching for John Francis Cook 1760-1845 (died in FL)
Johnance Strueh commented on Mar 22, 2015
My grandfather was John Cook, Evansville Indiana. He was at one time married to Ada Landrum. She passed away when my mother was a young girl and he remarried. My.mother is Nancy Louise Lively (Cook). Searching for Cook or Landrum relative s
Lorraine McLaren commented on Mar 23, 2015
I am not a direct relation from what I have in my records, but I am wondering about time frame on your search. lists both John Cook and Ada Landrum as well as has an Ada Cook in Evansville, Indiana in the 1960's. There is one Landrum in the same cemetery. Both of these resources are free to explore. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Darlene Shipley commented on Mar 24, 2015
I am looking for info on George Cook from the late 1700s he marrried a Wemyss, daughter Mary A. Cook 1825-1913, married Daniel Pease, Son Solomon Pease 1852-1929, his daughter Mary I Pease is my grandmother.
Lorraine McLaren commented on Mar 25, 2015
Hi Darlene, I looked into your Cook, there are an number of listings for this family tree on; It lists Mary Cook as both Mary Anne Cook and Mary Georgeanna Cook, b. 04 July 1825 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY. They list her mother, ______Wemyss, as being born in Taverndale, Scotland. Very few of these sites have any records for that time period, so you may want to try a family History Center at your local LDS stake center. they have the ability to access microfilm of older harder to find items. I rather enjoyed you grandmother's mother Mary Isabel listed in the death records in Yuma, Arizona on there aren't many resources that bring up the death certificates for death listings. Good luck in your search.
Shenna Bland (Cook) commented on Apr 06, 2015
I am looking into my grandfathers ancestry . His name was Henry Cook and his fathers name was Christian Cook his mothers name was Bessie Bance. I believe they had nine children. I haven't been able to get any farther.
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