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Hazel Mckelvin

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Larry McKelvin's wife gloria jean mckelvin [maybell]
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Larry McKelvin's youngest son[child] keith mckelvin
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him & his only daughter, shakira...looking like aunt hazel.
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steve[kneelin-left] gorgy[knnellin rite],mike[red], poopie[brown], eric[next 2 steve],dennis[next 2 eric],kevin[chair], ricky[blue-white]..& the legend, himself..johnny-mack,[kneelin]next 2 city fair 1982.....homeboys 4-life.
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karl miller,[left], tammy edwards, the legend himself, Johnny-Mack, at ODELLS, his 2nd home.....homeboys, & homegirl, 4-life.
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A photo of Berdie M Mckelvin.
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A photo of the grave of Berdie M Mckelvin
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Hazel Mckelvin she was my sis-in-law...she married my brother in 1985...they g-have 3 children....Larry Mckelvin Jr.[chummy]...1 daughter, Shakira Mckelvin,,,Keith Mckelvin.....& 8 grandchildren...She was not only my sis-in-law, but my friend as well.....she & my brother are both in Heaven now. I love & miss them so much.
Jul 15, 2013 · posted to the person Gloria J Mckelvin
Hazel Mckelvin he was the oldest of us 5.I called him larger than life, he was a big man, but full of life......He used 2 call me baby-sis...He would knock somebody out over me, he was on Dunbar's westling team, in 1977-78. He was a good brother, father, husband, & well as relative. I miss him everyday. I remember, when I was a teenager, about 13-15. I used 2 start stuff with guys, because I knew no matter if I started it or not, he would fight 4 me, especially if the guy hit me. I knew I was wrong, he did 2 at times, but still he used 2 say, so what man, don't touch my sisters, or female relative.......& it's amazing how his only daughter, kira, look just like me. miss you...larger than life.
Jul 15, 2013 · posted to the person Larry Mckelvin
Hazel Mckelvin I am her youngest child. Mom died at peace, in her own home, that she owned thanks 2 her deceased, Johnny Mckelvin,....she was a sweet woman, all of east b-more adored her....she provided daycare 2 half of east b-more children....some kids used 2 call her granny. I would like 2 thank my mom personally, for loving me unconditionally, & never turning her back on me, when my days were dark. My only regret is that she never lived 2 see me, shine through all that I went through, but I know she is proud of me you everyday mommy....your baby-always.
Jul 15, 2013 · posted to the person Berdie M Mckelvin
Hazel Mckelvin in her sleep,
Jul 15, 2013 · posted to the person Johnny Mckelvin