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I rescued this photo from a local antique market, in hopes of connecting it to living ancestors who will love it and keep it in the family. On the reverse is written " Elizabeth Viasztek 17 years, Peter Viastek about 14 05 15 years. Taken in Hungary about 1918. brother and sister of Mary Viasztek Vaigo. Original photo taken in Hungary and later enlarged in USA." If you are the living progeny of these individuals, please contact me at h_ringle@epiinc.com.
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L-R: Betty Jame VOSS Toombs, Rex Allen RINGLE Jr.
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L-R" Ray Lynn RINGLE, Garnet SHROFF, Richard Lee RINGLE Sr, Dennis TOOMBS (on floor) and Marion RINGLE. At the reception for the marriage of Rex Allen RINGLE to Margaret Louise VOSS.
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