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There is an antique store near our town which houses a ton of old photos, portraits, personal momentous, wedding dresses, etc- you name it, they have it....
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My Mother found this in my Grandmother's picture box. Anna Halliday was a bridesmaid at her sisters wedding, probably in Detroit, Michigan. The picture...
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This is a house called, "The Old Key Place", where first my G-Grandfather lived, and then my Grandfather, Grandmother, and Mother. My Mother was born here.
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Thelma Ioma Ragland Sanders and husband, Samuel George Sanders. Their car is a 1956 Chrysler New Yorker.
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This was found in my Grandmother Sanders picture box. We don't know anything about her, except what is written on the picture back. Her name is Anna...
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This is Samuel George Sanders and his Uncle, William Pleasant Lingo. Taken in Detroit, Michigan around 1915-16.
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My 8th class, in Atwood, Oklahoma.
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On the back of the picture: 'Fools names and Monkeys faces all appear in Public Places. Lone Oak School. Lois, Thelma, J(?), Mittie Wiley. 8 Grade.'
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Please go to STORIES> Ragland to read about the mystery of Charles Thomas Ragland.
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This shows that Leonard Bells was paid $2.64 for traveling to be a witness for James R. Ragland against Matthew Thompson
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Jacque Schwenke Hi Teddi! This certainly is taking me forever! Let me see if my Mom has more info on Thelma (my grandmother) and Anna. Sorry this is taking me so long! Jacque
Feb 10 · posted to the photo Bridesmaid Anna Halliday
Jacque Schwenke found it! It's Georgia. https://georgiaphotographers.wordpress.com/2013/08/09/an-account-book-some-gainesville-ga-photographers-friday-faces-places/
Apr 01, 2015 · posted to the photo Priscilla Allen Scroggins
Jacque Schwenke I wonder if this was Gainesville, Florida- or Georgia?
Apr 01, 2015 · posted to the photo Priscilla Allen Scroggins
Jacque Schwenke Beautiful! Where was this taken?
Oct 18, 2004 · posted to the photo Two Southern Belles on the Seawall
Jacque Schwenke The people are listed L to R, bottom row first. JS
Mar 30, 2003 · posted to the photo 8th Grade Atwood, Oklahoma
Jacque Schwenke I remember my grandmother, Thelma Ioma (Ragland) Sanders, as a cheerful, happy soul. She was foremost a lady whos golden rule for my mother, her only child, was "Ladies must never sweat in public". "MommaThelma", would happily dance around the room in small, shuffling steps, hands held shoulder-high, with her middle finger nearly touching her thumb, as if ready to snap her fingers at any time. Her tiny feet and femininity made her look fairy-like, at least. It didn't matter what type the music was; she even danced in my teen years to rock and roll. The sweet smile on her face was infectious, as was her tiny giggle. She came to live with us when my Grandfather passed on, and would often ask me if her hands were ugly. I always told her no, although her beautiful, flawless skin had given way to aged wrinkling and thinning. When I was a young child, she would daily slather on her Jergens Lotion, (in the black and white pump bottle), which sat near the kitchen sink. I loved that smell, it meant MommaThelma had come to see us, or we had gone to see her. She continued her daily ritual when she came to live with us, and nothing smelled better than to come into the house after school to the aroma of Jergens. That memory will never leave me, and even today when I smell, (or think I smell), Jergens Lotion, I immediately think of my Grandmother and the wonderful memories she left for me. Jacque Schwenke
Mar 28, 2003 · posted to the surname Sanders
Jacque Schwenke Ancient faces - fill my mind, old old stories singing to me. Pictures from the old ones dwell Safe in my heart, safe in my heart. Faded words - in pen and ink, ribbons from my mother's hair. Things like this are not forgotten, Safe in my heart, safe in my heart. Safe in my heart, safe in my heart. Searching for those long lost faces, looking for enchanted places, Finding all our creeds and races, How they lived; their social graces. Ancient faces- fill my mind, old, old, stories singing to me Things like this are- not forgotten, Safe in my heart, safe in my heart. Safe in my heart, safe in my heart. I can hear them calling, calling, "Can you find me?" Eyes look out and bid me to them, "Come and find me." Ancient faces- fill my mind, old, old, stories singing to me. Things like this are not forgotten, Safe in my heart, safe in my heart. Safe in my heart, Safe in my heart. ~J. J. Schwenke copyright 2001
Jan 24, 2003 · posted to the surname Sanders
Jacque Schwenke This anecdote was told to me by my mother, who grew up in Atwood, Oklahoma. See related pictures under MYSTERY, FAMILY, SPECIAL> SCHOOL, and more stories or anecdotes, all under SANDERS. I believe the reason that people get heat exhaustion so easily now days, is that we have air conditioning in our homes. Before that, we were acclimatized to the heat. I can remember, when we went to summer school, in July and August that perhaps we had all of 2 or 3 people who fainted because of the heat. All of them were girls. I never even came close. Of course, I was little and skinny, and that may have made a difference. People would wear hats, and drink a lot of water. I never saw a soul carry an umbrella in the sun. You just tried to make it from one shady spot to the next one as fast as possible. The grown ups worked outside in the early and late hours, and kept still during the midday. My Uncle Charlie Thompson worked nights in the oil fields, and he would have to try to sleep in the heat if the day. Aunt Ruth would keep wet towels hung over the windows where the breeze was coming in, so he could sleep. If anyone had an electric fan it was unusual. In the first place, you needed to have been wired for electricity, and most folks in Atwood were not. When we did get it, having a fan was not a priority. The funeral homes gave out hand held fans but we always saved them for church. They tore up so easily! If we started the year without air conditioning, and never experienced it as the heat got worse, we would just be able to bear up under it better. ~Georgene Jackson (Sanders) Birchett
Dec 01, 2002 · posted to the surname Sanders
Jacque Schwenke Note: This story goes with the picture found in the FAMILY section under SANDERS, titled: "Birthday in Atwood, Oklahoma". MaryRose's father was the local M.D. and she had two little sisters. They lived across a corn field from us. Billie Jean lived just about 2 blocks from our lane, and Norma Lee lived a little further away. Norma Lee and I were in the same Sunday School Class at the Church of Christ. We could go home with each other some times from Church, and then when our folks went back for the evening services, we got taken home. Mary Rose and her little sisters went to the Orphan Home run by the Church of Christ, because after her father died, her mother became destitute, and couldn't take care of them. Cal and Effie Edmonds gave a going away party and everyone brought gifts and the whole community was there. That was the first time I ever saw dry Ice. They had it to keep the ice cream cold. The Sallings moved away soon after that photo was taken. Norma Lee was my best friend. Her Dad was a brother to one of our close neighbors. Georgene Jackson (Sanders) Birchett
Dec 01, 2002 · posted to the surname Sanders
Jacque Schwenke You asked about when Moma Jack and Uncle Ed Lingo moving to the Durant area.....Well I don’t really know when. It had to have been after C.T. Ragland died. Also, I don't know when or where Moma Jack and Uncle Ed got married. So, Charles Thomas Ragland and Malinda Jackson (Jackie) James married in Ozark, Arkansas and moved to the Tom Bean, Texas area. (their store was in the town of TomBean, but they lived in White Mound) But Moma told me that when she was little, Aunt Carrie,(who was 14 years older than Moma), would walk to their store and that their father would give her a big Hershey Bar to take home and share among the 3 kids. So, if they were living in White Mound, how did Aunt Carrie WALK to the store. I just wish I had thought to ask Moma. Aunt Carrie and her husband, Sam Bruce, came to visit Moma and Daddy while we were in Berlin, and Moma and Daddy were living in our house in OKC. They all took a drive out to Frontier City, and saw the skit where the outlaws stage a holdup, and the LAW arrests them. Of course there is a shootout. Moma said that Aunt Carrie laughed and told Moma that it was just like when they lived at TomBean. That was where Moma Jack got rid of the drunk cowboy who was on his horse, waving his six-shooter around threatening to kill C.T. Ragland and demanding to know his whereabouts. Moma Jack quietly asked him to wait; went into the house and got a teakettle of boiling water, came back out and poured it on the horse. Of course, the horse bolted, running away at a full gallop with the cowboy hanging on for dear life. Moma Jack was some nervy lady. Well, back to the move to Durant. C.T. Ragland died 1916. Malinda J. (James) Ragland married George E. Lingo and moved to the Durant,Ok. area. I would say that the move had to be pretty soon after C.T. died. Moma was 14 years old when her Dad died, and she continued to go to school after moving to Durant. They lived in the Lone Oak school district. It's on the map, near the Blue River, just a little way from Durant. Moma was about 16 when Daddy came to visit his uncle Lingo, and saw Moma for the first time. They were married when she was 18 years old, in Feb.1923. That sounds like an error, but Momas birth date is Nov. 25, and depending on the dates of the events might make it sound like that. I have no idea how long Moma Jack and Uncle Ed lived there, or when they made the move to West Texas, as I told you in as earlier E-mail, it had to be before about 1930. ~Georgene Jackson (Sanders) Birchett
Dec 01, 2002 · posted to the surname Lingo
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