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Janet Dane Benjamin Franklin Jones was the husband of Malinda Warren Jones living in Itawamba Co., MS. Malinda was 8 or 9 months pregnant when she saw a rider coming with a black-edged letter in his hand. She knew it was news about her husband who was fighting somewhere near Mechanicsburg,MS(close to Vicksburg). She got so excited when she saw him that she jumped over a wooden gate to get to him. He had news that Ben had died in Alton Prison after being captured June 4, 1863 at Mechanicsburg and stricken with smallpox a disease that had taken over that prison. He died July 23, 1863. The people of the town of Alton, IL had requested that they not keep disease ridden prisoners there, so they moved them to an island in the Mississippi River called, "Sunflower Island" where in 1842 Abraham Lincoln fought a duel with James Shields. After prisoners started being kept there, they renamed it, "Smallpox Island". Benjamin must have died before that because he is buried in the town of Alton, IL. His name should be on the granite monument that contains over a thousand names of Rebel prisoners who died while imprisoned there. What a shame that Malinda never saw him again. Malinda is also the g g aunt of Elvis Presley on his father, Vernon's side. Her brother, William D. Warren was Elvis's g g grandfather.
Oct 18, 2004 · posted to the surname Jones
Janet Dane Penson application for Mary Hassell widow of Benjamin Hassell, Revolutionary War Patriot Typed mostly as spelled with some added capitalization and punctuation to make it readable, transcribed by Janet R Dane: State of IL, Jefferson Co. This on this first day of July one thousand eight hundred and forty seven Subscriber Absalom D Estes one of Judges of the Co Commissioners court in and for said county personally offered Mary Hassell a resident of said Co, aged eighty three years old the eighth of next December who being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefits of the provisions made by the acts of congress passed July 7, 1838 Mar 3, 1843 and June 17, 1844 granting pensions and half pay to certain “widdows”. That she is the ”widdow” of Benjamin Hassell a private soldier in the army of the revolution and served in the whole three years or upwards, that he entered the army as near as she can remember some time in the year seventeen hundred and seventy seven in the latter part of that year. He left Tyrrel County North Carolina when he joined the Armey, and his first tour of services he went as a nine month man whether it was by enlistment or not I can hardly tell, but I believe he was a volunteer on the first occasion. I think he then took other men's places; at least he never came from the army until he served three years. He then came home with a parole from the “Brittish” after being taken prisoner at the taking of Charlestown. He then took the place of William Phelps of Tyrrel County, NC. On that trip he was under Capt Richard Howett. Can't remember any other officers that he was under during the war. Have seen the parole and kept it in my possession for a long time. He was in the battle of Guliford last, because he took me there after we were married and showed me the timber that was shot in time of the battle. He received two wounds during the war. Once he was stabbed by a bayonet in the breast and cut a most powerfull slice in the flesh. At another time he was shot in the leg and was in the other at Charlestown when he was taken prisoner by the “Brittish”. In addition to his finale he had three discharges. Have frequently seen them and own them. He never applied for a pension. He died in Hickman Co, TN on the 15 day of March eighteen hundred and twenty and was married on the fifth day of January seventeen hundred and eighty four by Esquire John Tarkenton in Tyrrell Co by license. We have a family record of the children's ages written in the white leaves of a small Bible at or near the time of birth of each child and written by different persons, has been in my possession ever since, and I still remain his “widdow”. She further declares that she was not married to the said Benjamin Hassell prior to his leaving the service but that the marriage took place previous to the first day of January seventeen hundred and ninety four. Was at the time above stated, subscribed and sworn to before me this day and year first above written Mary Hassell, her mark X Absalom D Estes, Judge Co Court I Absalom Estes Judge aforesaid do hereby certify that the above assigned Mary Hassell is too old and “in firm” to attend the business at town before the court, and I think from the acquaintance that I have with her, is that she is a worthy old lady entitled to credit before any cost or other will given accrediting her with such. This day and year first written AD Estes, Judge County Court I heard him tell about being at the battle of Guliford and another by the name of Stoner or Stony Point or some such name and at the taking of Cornwallis? and also at bunker hill. The said Benjamin Hassell died in March eighteen hundred and twenty sworn to and subscribed before me this day and year last above written. AD Estes Judge of the Co Court Milly Smith X her mark Also personally offered before said Judge Nancy Goddard and the after being duly sworn on her oath deposeth and says that she was acquainted with the above named Benjamin Hassell and Mary Hassell, and about forty five years ago they were living then as husband and wife and had five children, and the oldest was about seventeen years old. They then had a family record written in a family Bible, now marked with B, have heard the said Benjamin Hassell tell about being in the war of the Revolution, have heard him tell about being in the battles, have seen the “skars” where he was wounded in the breast and one in the leg. He died in March Eighteen hundred and twenty. Sworn to and subscribed before me this day and year first written Nancy Goddard X her mark Absaolm D Estes, Judge of the County Court State of Illinois, Jefferson County I Absalom D Estes, Judge of Jefferson County aforesaid do hereby do certify that the above deposing witness Grace Smith, Milly Smith and Nancy Goddard all are creditable witnesses and are...end
May 01, 2007 · posted to the surname Hassell
Janet Dane Not sure of spelling of Catharine, but this is spelling on tombstone. Janet Dane
Jan 28, 2005 · posted to the photo Sarah Catharine and Jubilee Mack Bratcher Grave
Janet Dane Don't know how to edit picture, but it isn't Sarah Jane in picture, it is her sister Sidney Kate Turpen Hawke. Info provided by Lois Trice.
Jan 28, 2005 · posted to the photo Wedding day?
Janet Dane I was wrong about date of picture. Has to be before 1888 as Sarah's first child was b.1888. Picture is most likely taken between 1886 and 1887. NB married Mary Frances Turpen, Sarah's cousin in 1875. MF was b.1857. She died, then he m. Sarah. NB had 2 children at time of m. to Sarah.
Dec 20, 2004 · posted to the photo Wedding day?
Janet Dane Found copies of pages of Aaron Turpen's Bible also. Unfortunately Bible was seperated and dispersed among his heirs.
Oct 18, 2004 · posted to the photo Aaron Turpen's Family Bible
Janet Dane Have deduced this is Nathan Renfro. Got picture of Stephen J and family and it's not him. Very strong resemblance though.
Oct 18, 2004 · posted to the photo Nathan William Renfro