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Janice Bault Tonys what most people know him as he went by Tony Keller and i was his step son he married my mom around the early 70s and she had a daughter by him named Dina and he had a wife named linda he was married to before my mom tonys the kind of guy that can charm a woman but when they find out how he really is they want to get as far from him as they can exept one my mom and any woman would tell her that her head aint straight to stay with a man like that and that any woman that gave a dam about her kids would had got as far from him as they could no excuse and theres alot put on this page cause this sorry person and others like him that my mom put us through hell with should had never been but she loved thes guys more then here own kids so this is the truth about nester kellar from someone who had to live with him for 8 years and other sorry men as well so i spill my guts and tell all on here his daughter might get mad but to bad. cause its the truth and as you read about nester youll ask your self too.. why would any woman put her self and her kids through such hell and set and brag about being with such a person and other creeps like rod another creep she was with as youll read as the oldest sons story is told any woman that truly loves her kids or her self would never have been with thes guys and really shouldnt have had kids at all i challange anybody to check this guy and the other guys records shes been with cause its there you will say the same NO EXCUSE BAD MOTHER and why were the kids not taken away far away from this woman but i my self know now as im a man and the last time i talked to her that the sick truth is she loves sorry people when i ask her about the step fathers shell sit there and put me down and take up and brag for such creeps and my young brothers grown up just like them and as sorry as he is she loves him more then any of her kids but look he,s the same as the men the creeps she was in love with she never wanted a nice guy with a heart plain and simple i remember there was lots of nice guys interested in my mom and had money too but like a fool she waited for a nut like nester to return i was around six and i remeber there was guys at work and through friends that would had dated her and had money to but she wanted him she dident care that she had a 6 year old boy and a 2 year old girl that needed a normal father instead she used to drag me around throw us in a car and chase this guy nester around in jealouse rage like a jealouse school girl groupie and blame me only six for even being born for him not being hers when any woman in the world knows this kinda guy who loves them selfs more then anyone else and cant stick with anyone and when other wemen would had got what kind of guy he was and and you couldent pay them to be with him and would had moved on. our mother chased and fought with this nut and put use kids in the middle and he wouldnt be the only guy either
Mar 16, 2013 · posted to the person Nestor N Kellar