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Zelmar, Annie, and Bud Moses with William E., Lucy, and Lloyd West. Zelmar's mother and William E. West were brother and sister, so baby Lloyd is Zel's first cousin
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Born in Mt. Etna, Iowa to Michael W. Moses and Mary Christina West Moses August 20, 1881; died in Eureka, Montana May 11, 1960. spouse: Annie Stratton children: James Michael, Mary Christina, Margaret Helen, Robert Enos "Bud"
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A photo of Margaret Helen (Moses) Bolen
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Joined the Navy after Pearl Harbor attack and served as merchant marine in the Pacific
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Marie (Mailloux) Bolen and sons William H, Jack L, Jess W, and George Bolen. Each of the Bolen boys enlisted in the military in 1941 this photo was taken just before they left for war.
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Michael W. Moses and Mary Christina West Moses wedding photo in Adams County, Iowa.
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A photo of Julia Ann (West) Hickcox
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Jean Beaulieu My grandfather was a farmer in the Tobacco Valley near Eureka, MT. He was a gentle, easy going, good natured man who gave me rides on his shoulders, ducking under the doorway to I wouldn't bump. I loved the smell of his pipe.
Jan 08, 2013 · posted to the photo James Zelmar Moses
Jean Beaulieu Mary C. West (1853-1884) Michael W. Moses (1840-1918) married in the home of the bride in Mt. Etna, Iowa October 21, 1880
Jan 07, 2013 · posted to the photo Michael & Mary (West) Moses, Iowa 1880
Jean Beaulieu widow of George Hickcox, daughter of William A. West and Mariah Webb West, Adams County, Iowa
Jan 07, 2013 · posted to the photo Julia Ann West Hickcox