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Cousins Mayme WESTOVER (left) and Stella BARTO (right)
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Reverse of the Hal Reynolds photo. This verifies the reported information.
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Mary Ann LEARN HUDSON (1857-1947) widow of Isaac Newton HUDSON II (1853-1926), her son Jacob Newton HUDSON, his son Harold H. HUDSON and child. Taken at the family farm in Indian County, PA.
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A logging team working in WV in the area of Greenbriar. Most likely the men are all from Indiana County, PA but no data to support that theory. My grandfather worked there before he was married so it must have been about 1910. He is the subject with the moustache standing center, Blaine Adam ROSS of Cherry Tree, Indiana County, PA. Perhaps someone can identify others in the photo.
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Probably HS Graduation photo (Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf)
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Possilby high school graduation photo. (Cherry Tree High)
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Cherry Tree, Indiana County, PA
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Scanned image of a metal plate discovered when the new owner was re-roofing the LEARN house. He donated it to the family reunion auction where I purchased it in 2005. The plate had evidently been used to patch a leak in the roof (note nail holes in lower corners). Tinting and/or painting had been done over the image, but the original features are easy to discern. Family settled in Cookport in 1829.
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Mary Ann LEARN (1853-1926) w/o Isaac Newton HUDSON (1857-1947) of Uniontown?Berringer, Indiana County, PA.
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Jean Masco Hello, How intriguing. Because of the missing piece of the face on the print it is difficult to tell. I can see a similarity but cannot be certain. I shall send the photo to my mother, age 89, and see what she thinks. I do note but parallels and differences in the dress of the men in the photos, but there are many reasons they might not be the same. On the one noted as Greenbrier, the men appear to each be wearing knitted shirts but woven fabrics on the other. My grandfather was tall for the time, being 6 feet in height. But again, no way to tell how tall the others were. I can say that my grandfather's brother Nathan moved to Virginia. He was kind of a ne'er do well who live on a houseboat on the James River and was reportedly a bootlegger. His home was always in shambles from family reports. I wish I had a picture of that, although I do have two of his wife Jennie. This is an interesting puzzle. Perhaps someone else will be able to provide some other hints or answers. Best wishes, Jean Hudson Masco -- From DGBaker on Dec 1, 2007 - 9:08 pm: >>Hello, I was most interested in your photograph of the logging crew working in West virginia in 1910. After I saw that it was taken in Greenbrier County, I asked others in my family about one that I had posted, also of a logging crew in West Virginia in 1910. It is my speculative but unconfirmed impression that the picture you posted and the one I posted may be of the same logging operation. My sister, Gladys Baker of Narrows, Virginia, now 87 years old, said that the picture I posted was taken in 1910, and that the owner of the team of horses was Mr. Hanna of Greenbrier County. Our father, shown in the picture, was born in Tazewell County, Virginia, in 1892, and logged before WWI in Greenbrier, Nicholas, and Pochahantas counties. Gladys said that it may not have been Nicholas County as I stated. My father's family moved to Greenbrier County in 1898 when he was six years old, and he married there . His first son, Ellis Adrian Baker, was born in North Bend Lumber Camp in Nicholas County on November 17, 1917. He later returned to Greenbrier County and our family graveyard is there. I wanted to point out to you the similarity between Mr. Ross in your photograph and the man standing on the rail car in my photograph. Do you think it is the same person? Do you have any more information about your picture?
Dec 01, 2007 · posted to the photo Logging in West Virginia
Jean Masco Wife is Sarah Katherine "Cassie" ROSS, d/o Nathan ROSS and Barbara BRAUN Ross. Cassie born 17 Sep 1858 d. 11 May, 1911. Nathan b. Somerset Co, PA. Barbara Born Ger. Willing to share ROSS information.
Nov 29, 2003 · posted to the photo Rev William Cramer & wife