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John Dyson The newspaper of the day says my Granddad was only 29 when he died in 1943 and that he had only been in the merchant navy since the age of 16. Four websites that I've looked at all say he was 40 when he died. Thinking about it,he really couldn't have been 26 when he died and that 40 seems to make more sense. Maybe it was a cover up of some kind by the paper due to there being a war on. Who knows? He was born at 24 Platt Street Padfield on the 17th November 1903 and in 1939 he married Hilda Bower at the Glossop registrar office.They had 4 girls and 3 boys including mother,Barbara Scarratt who married Gordon Dyson. This is a description of what happened the day he died: At 01.30 hours on 12 Apr, 1943, U-404 fired two FAT and two G7e torpedoes at the convoy ON-176 east of Newfoundland and heard one premature detonation after 19 seconds and three other detonations after 3 minutes 45 seconds, 6 minutes 12 seconds and 7 minutes 45 seconds. B├╝low claimed two ships sunk and another damaged, in fact, only the Lancastrian Prince (Master Frederick Randell Elliott) was hit and sunk. The master, 37 crew members and seven gunners were lost. I can only imagine the pain and fear he must have felt during those last moments and the sadness his wife must have felt upon receiving the news. I only knew my gran as an old woman and I never really got to chance to talk to her.
Jun 14, 2013 · posted to the person William Clifford Scarratt
John Dyson 24 Platt Street Padfield Derbyshire UK where William Clifford Scarratt was born,17th November 1903.
Jun 14, 2013 · posted to the photo William Clifford Scarratt's home