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Marley & Calvin Hudgens family: My Mom and Dad and brothers and sister, before I was born....maybe 1966-7. L to R, it's Sean, Beth, Mom (Marley), Dad (Calvin) and Barry.
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My mom, Marley Sulgrove, in the mid 60's, in Rapid City, South Dakota.
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Mildred Myette, my Grandma's cousin, if I am correct. My Grandma's mom had passed away when Grandma was little, and Mildred and her sister Marguerite raised her, so I just referred to them as "aunt", though they were a little more removed than that. Mildred lived to be 102, passing away in 2011.
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Sulgrove kids in the early 1950's: My Mom and aunts and uncle in the early '50's. Left to right, back to front are Nancy, Marley (my mom), Barry, Mary Sue, Judy,and three unknown kids in the indian head-dresses.
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