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JoyceB Fay There is quite a bit of information on a Assenth Ellen "Senah" Riddle on She was the daughter of Richard Riddle and Priscilla Celia McCutchen and married James K Buckner in 1828.
Feb 10, 2015 · posted to the photo Riddle girls
JoyceB Fay My grandmother was Eliza Alma Ivy (Boatwright). Her father was Robert Lee Ivy and her mother was Martha (possibly Malinda?) Riddle. Malinda Riddle was born in 1872 and she died in 1891 in childbirth. So Alma was her only child. Malinda's parents were Robert F. Riddle and Susannah Jane Bellomy (Riddle). I can find no record of Malinda's death; just passed down information but it is under the name of Martha. Just would like to know whether her name was Martha or Malinda. According to the wedding license it is Martha. Been working on this since 2008 and still no luck. All of the pictures were tin types and belonged to Alma she always had them but we never asked her the names. My father thought that the book with all of the tin types belonged to my grandmother's mother or at least some of them. So most of the pictures are Riddles.
Feb 06, 2015 · posted to the photo Riddle girls
JoyceB Fay My grandmother's Mother was a Riddle. Her family lived in Northern Alabama. But the Riddles migrated to New Mexico (Fort Sumner, De Baca, New Mexico) around 1910.
Jul 02, 2014 · posted to the photo Riddle girls