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KareLin LaBar It's a circus out there: When he was young my dad was a member of the traveling circus! He left Ithaca NY to travel with the circus and live a freer lifestyle and explore the world, I frequently like to say that the LaBar family is full of people who like to roam the earth like gypsies.
Jun 17, 2013 · posted to the person Randy Labar
KareLin LaBar Grandpa George's Funeral: Randy arrived at Grandpa George's funeral dressed in his traditional garb... Leather motorcycle vest, jeans, chained wallet. His brothers felt that he needed to change into a suit and his reply was "That's not who I am" "Dad won't care he's dead." He flat out refused to change causing a scuffle between the boys that almost tipped over the families RV... Needless to say dad did NOT change for grandpa's funeral and for me... that's ok because he was himself the way grandpa remembered and raised him. :)
Jun 17, 2013 · posted to the person Randy Labar