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Kathleen Gallafraigh The name Gallafraigh originated in 2012. The name did not exist until then. Kathleen's maiden name was Daugherty. Ó Dochartaigh is the original Irish spelling of this name. Brian's last name was Bazurto. We were married in 2001. We held the name Bazurto till 2012. The surname Bazurto was changed in spelling from the original. But no one is certain of the country of origin despite claims of Spain. That means the family came through Spain, but does not confirm origin. History was lost. However, the heritage of Ó Dochartaigh can be completely traced back to the kings. There are still remains of a castle in northern Ireland. Here is a rich, well researched, and full family history. With a son on the way, we wanted a heritage to pass on. Brian did not want to take Daugherty or Ó Dochartaigh. He wanted to start with a new name attached to an old history. So he chose the name, and Kathleen took it to a linguist to have it spelled in the correct ancient Gaelic rules. As we are both Doctor Who fans since childhood, he suggested Gallifrey. Gallafraigh is now the new form. Changing your name legally is expensive and time consuming! But it is worth it to have a name to be proud to call our own. The name came into effect before our son was born. He is the first born Gallafraigh. The name Gallafraigh means "eternal".
Sep 28, 2012 · posted to the surname Gallafraigh