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About: I was adopted years ago. My biological mom whose name was Elizabeth Alice Cooper who lived in Warrington, England met my biological father who was stationed at Burtonwood Airforce Base in 1953. I would like to try and locate my biological moms family. Her siblings names were James, Robert, Cecil, Percy, Leslie and Lillian. George may have fathered a set of twins with a woman by the name of Chrissy Cathro before he met my mother.

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This is a wedding picture of my mom and dad. Veronica Mary King and Henry David Provencher. On the grooms side is his brother Joseph. next 2 men I don't know who they are. Then there is my mothers sisters husband Gerry Valcourt and my fathers brother Archie Provencher and on the brides side are her brother John King her sister Elizabeth Valcourt next lady do not know and last lady his John Kings wife Lilleth. Do not know who the children are
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I have circled Henry David Provencher I don't know who the rest of the children are maybe someone who recognizes the photo of the other children will know
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Kathy Provencher My fathers name is Henry David Provencher and his dads name was ARchilles Provencher, his mothers name was Lucy Haskens, they lived in north Andover, My dad had 2 brothers Joseph and Archie. Archie died when he was in early 20s. He had an adopted sister I believe who was a nun whose name was Sister Dorothea. I wonder if there is any relation
Jan 07, 2005 · posted to the photo Sister of Moise Provencher, 2