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About: I live in Grants Pass, Oregon with my Husband, A. J. Harwell and Blue Heeler, Cheyenne. We have a "Brick Wall" beyond my Husbands Grandfather Francis Marion Harwell, G.Grandfather James Monroe Cox, John Samuel Reid and Jacob Pearson. DNA Tests show that my Husband has an exact mathch with Families with the spelling of Harell. Daughters of Francis (Frank) Marion Harwell say he had a Twin Sister nemed Gertrude and one Daughter had a Picture that I have posted on Anciaent Faces. Census records show Francis was born in Texas and his Father in Mississipi. Any Help or Suggestions will be appreciated.

Researching: Reid, Pearson, Cox, Harrell, Ludden, Hartwell, Harwell, Nancy, Possible, Luden

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Can anyone identify the Family of these Ladies? The Photo on the back shows their names as Ethel and Edna Stice. The Turkey Gobler is Black Beard The film was apparently developed by "PIONEER DRUG CO." that is stamped on the back of the photo. The Lady that sent the Photo to me is a descendant of Peter Stice as I am.
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Does anyone know this lady? I found a Marguerite Theaker on the 1930 Census living as a boarder with John Perkins Family in Lansing Michigan. She was 11 years old. A document in Cuyahoga County, Ohio in 1946, lists friends Rebecca Hicks and Margaret G. Bourne and Hobart L. Roll.
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Francis Marion Harwell aka Howell born Dec. 16, 1867. Wife Ida Paralee Cox born Oct. 2, 1863. Son Osborn Lebard and Millard Freeman. Francis and twin sister left orphans at an early age. They were born somewhere in Texas.Does anyone know who were their Parents
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Believed to be named Gertrude Harwell Twin of Francis Marion Harwell. Born December 16, 1867 somewhere in Texas. Left Orphans at an early age and lived from family to family.
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Kaye Harwell Lottie, Elizabeth Charlotte Stice was my Great Aunt. I have other Photo's of Lottie and pictures of her Parents, Peter Stice and Malinda Phelps. Kaye
Mar 26, 2004 · posted to the photo Lottie Grant (Elizabeth Charlotte Stice)