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About: A veteran of on-again/off-again family history work for the past 30 years, I am researching the following surnames, with these families originating mostly in Western Pennsylvania: Marshall, Truby, Rohrer, Haugh, Williams, Willison, McNabb, Bollman, Shankle, Kelker, Rumbarger, Roney.

Researching: Willison, Williams, Marshall, Rohrer, Bollman, Roney, Mcnabb, Rumbarger, Haugh, Truby, Shankle, Kelker

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An oil painting of Emma Louisa Prosser Robinson, wife of Samuel Marshall Robinson (1830-1908). Emma Robinson was born 21 December 1838 in Butler, Butler County, Pennsylvania, and she died 18 March 1916 in Hovey Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Charles Prosser (abt. 1810-1898) and Eliza Brinker (1808-1887). Emma was the mother of seven children, only three of whom outlived her. She was Episcopalian and is buried in the churchyard of The Church of our Father in Foxburg, Pennsylvania. This image is used with the permission of her great-grandson, Sam Robinson of New Hampshire.
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George Kelker Marshall (1856-1941) was the first child of William Kelker Marshall (1829-1911) and Anna Mary Rumbarger (1838-1924); he was born in Butler, Butler County, Pennsylvania, but was reared in the lumber camps of Jefferson County, Pennsylvania. In 1874, he married Susan (Susie) Stewart (1855-1917). They were the parents of Howard Orton Marshall (1875-1948) of El Paso, Texas, and of Carl Burton Marshall (1879-1921) of San Francisco. The Marshalls made their home in Rathmel, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania.
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John Rumbarger (1810-1889) was a lumberman and businessman who was instrumental in establishing the present city of DuBois, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, in the 1870s; the place at first was called Rumbarger Town. Rumbarger was born in Warrior's Mark, Huntington County, Pennsylvania, the son of a Pennsylvania German family. His first wife was Elizabeth Leathers (1818-1844); and his second wife was Eliza Erhart (1824-1891). He was my third great-grandfather, the father of Anna Mary Rumbarger Marshall (1838-1924) of Reynoldsville, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania. He is buried with many of his family members in the Rumbarger Cemetery, DuBois.
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Charlotte Kelker Marshall (20 November 1800-05 November 1854), was my third great-grandmother Marshall, the daughter of Jacob Kelker and Rebecca Thome. She was the wife of John Marshall (1803-1889) and mother of seven children: Mary Ann Marshall Turk; William Kelker Marshall; John Truby Marshall; Elisha Robinson Marshall; Samuel Thome Marshall; Henry Marks Marshall; and Frederick Augustus Marshall. She died within a week of her youngest son, Freddie, and two grandchildren, John Marshall Turk and Charlotte Elizabeth Turk. She lies buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery of Parker, Armstrong County, PA. This image is painted on tin.
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Clifford William Marshall (1897-1964) was my grandfather, the son of Earl Jay Marshall (1878-1941) and Rose B. Haugh (1881-1918). He was born in Reynoldsville, Jefferson Co. PA, and died in Kittanning, Armstrong Co. PA. He was married to Florence B. Williams (1900-1989) and was the father of five children. He is buried at the Lawn Haven Cemetery in East Franklin Twp., Armstrong Co. PA.
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