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About: I am the grandson of Rollie Felts, son of Daniel R Felts

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May C. and Goss Price. Probably taken in Missouri around 1870. May was born in 1865. Family moved to Texas, then New Mexico, and settled in Southern California around 1910. May was my great-great grandmother. When she was a small child, William Bonney used to trade at their store in Tascosa Texas, or Alamagordo NM. I'm not certain which, but I remember her stories about what a friendly, playful man "Billy the Kid" far as our family was concerned!
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Frank Felts draws his sidearm while on horseback. This picture was most likely taken in west Texas, possibly near Tascosca, circa 1890. He was my grandfather's (Rollie) brother.
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Frank Felts posing in a car, probably around 1895 in Texas
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Donald J. and Daniel R. Felts in Almogordo, New Mexico circa 1919. Twins born to Eugenia June (Bower) Felts, and Rollie Felts.
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A photo of Daniel Felts, probably taken in Colorado or Texas before 1900.
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Bower Family, probably taken in Tascosa Texas around 1890. In this photo: Betty Bower, Allan Bower, May Bower, Chalmers Bower, Georgia Bower, Florance Bower, Vivian Bower, Vivian Hilderbrand and children - names unknown.
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This is my Great Grandfather Chalmers Bower, and my Great Grandmother May C. Bower (Price) on their ranch in Otero New Mexico around 1890.
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Loyal Bacon was on a cross-country trip when he happened upon my uncle Don and my grandfather Rollie herding sheep in New Mexico. My grandmother had long-since divorced grandpa because of his drinking. My dad's twin (Don) went to NM to reconnect with his dad. After they worked together for several months, Rollie sneaked into town, collected his pay, and my uncle's, and left without a word. That's the last any of us ever heard from "Smokey" Felts...
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This is my grandfather Rollie Felts cooking at a chuck wagon in New Mexico in the summer of 1936 or 1937.
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A picture of my grandfather, Rollie Felts, in 1936 or 1937, somewhere in New Mexico rangeland. He was sheepherding with my uncle Don.
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Kevin Felts I don't know much. I believe he was a ranger, and perhaps a scout. I believe he had a small spread in West Texas. That's about it...
Oct 23, 2012 · posted to the photo Daniel Felts, Colorado or Texas
Kevin Felts Filipe, there are so many crazy stories about him...the odd thing is, HE deserted; his son Don J Felts served on the USS Indianapolis throughout WW ll and was a survivor of the sinking. My dad Daniel R (Don's twin) was a Marine in WW ll, and fought at Okinawa. I served in the Air Force, and my son is going to be a Marine officer when he graduates from grandpa was a "colorful" character, but we're hoping we've made up for his misdeeds..!
Feb 28, 2012 · posted to the photo Rollie Felts circa 1912
Kevin Felts I believe this is a picture of my Great, Great Grandfather, or his brother. I know I've seen this picture in the family archives before.
Jan 27, 2005 · posted to the photo early 1900's