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Kristina Klemash When I was younger, about age six or so I remember always going to visit my grandparents at their home in Los Altos Hills California, I remember the trips we would take with my grandpa to the Russian orthodox church for the Christmas gathering and we would go to this Russian restaurant and have this soup called borsche. Taste fantastic. I also remember always being dressed up like twins with my sister in this red and blue dress and our same matching pair of maryjane shoes. with the same bowl hair cut. He always wanted us to be dressed up and dressed alike even though we were 4 years apart. I remember watching and sneaking up on the Deer's that would come up on his property and eat all his fruit off his trees. He would get so mad. I just wanted to catch one and bring one home as a pet. so everytime he would see one he would scream and shout and they would run and jump the fences. My grandpa was one of a kind. Very old fashion but education was a very important subject to him. He was stern and rigid a lot of the times, but very loving to his granddaughters and other family. I remember going with my grandpa to go visit my great grandmother Baldwin in south san franciso. I never new what she was saying because she only spoke Russian so I would just smile, and hug her and shake my head yes and eat the food she would give me. I remember my grandparents had two dogs, I called them weiner dogs but they looked like two hot dogs. one's name was Happy who belonged to grandpa and the other named ginger who was my grandma's. I loved those dogs, they woud always go exploring with me and never left my side while roamimg around grandpa's house. I used to play dress up and pretend I was a queen and sit in my grandpas king chair and read my favorite book godilocks and the three bears. I still have the toy box that I would keep my book and dress up clothes in. I have so much more to share but not enough time.
Apr 09, 2013 · posted to the person Nicholas J Rokitiansky