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Larissa McReynolds My dad was very hard headed and straight to the point type of man. When I was growing up he always took me fishing and hunting. He was a "live off of the land" person. He always had a greenhouse or a garden where we got all of our vegetables. Then we had chickens and rabbits which we ate. When we went hunting or fishing we ate what we killed. My aunt Lucy and uncle Gary's house would turn into a meat market during hunting season. Every one's freezer was filled for the winter. I miss going to the mine's with my dad and my uncles. We really had good times. My dad was a very hard man, but he loved me and I miss him so very much. To live through a malignant tumor on your brain being removed, to die years later from lung cancer is freaking crazy. Not to mention he was a diabetic also. Talk about one strong man. I went to see him after he had the tumor removed, took his 2 grand daughters to see him. But he was in pretty bad shape. He fought it until the end. I didn't get to go see him before the lung cancer got him, but he didn't want me to see him like that, he kept putting me off. I should have just went any ways.....I knew he was hard headed and prideful.
Oct 22, 2013 · posted to the person Steven Wayne McReynolds
Larissa McReynolds What I remember most about my grandmother is; when I was younger we would sit every day and read from our bibles. Even when she couldn't drive any more we would walk to church on Sunday morning. She loved watching the birds in her yard, and would hose a cat down in a minute if the tried messing with the birds. She also had beautiful rose bushes planted all around the outside of her house and around the inside of her fence. When I was young she tried to teach me to play on her Organ. Something I wish I would have kept practicing. She used to crochet and knit me doll clothes, I remember one wedding dress with the veil and everything that she made for my barbie. It was beautiful. She was a wonderful grandmother and always there for me when I needed someone to talk to. She is greatly missed.
Oct 22, 2013 · posted to the person Betty J Gafford