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surname hodge from pa or mich really do not know
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the hodge family
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this is my twin aunts does any one know them??
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mom and dad Hodge in 1956 on wedding day, no names or location offered by the submitter.
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Hodge couple, my lost grandparents, my Dad's parents. No name, date, or location offered by the submitter.
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The Hodge twins, my lost twin aunts (my Dad's sisters). No names, location, or date offered.
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Linda Davis hi my story is so missed up but here goes. my dad FRANK CARL HODGE,left home in his teens,the story has it that dad and his father got in to a fight because dad did something to were his father was going to turn dad into the police ,so dad was kicked out and never returned dad was 10 years older then my mom when they meet while traveling with the fair, when they went to get married dad told mom he better tell her his real name lol so the name he was using in the fair was walter bronzeola, im hoping that dad didnt change his last name to hodge if so hodge isnt my real surname dods dob 1928, philadelphia,pa???? his parents etc may have moved to detroit,mich all i have are my photos of his parents and twin sisters see them at then see my first album with 4 pics thank you linda
Dec 01, 2002 · posted to the surname Hodge