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About: I live in Tennessee and have been doing genealogical research on my families for a few years now, although I have not researched in about 5 years and am just starting again. My surnames are Stewart, Alvey, Taylor, Woodnutt, Payne, Pullen, and Thorpe. My Payne and Pullen are from VA, Loundoun and Fauquier Counties VA. My Stewarts migrated from NH to PA to MD to VA. The Alveys were decended from Joseph Alvey of England. The Woodnutts were from the Isle of Wight, England and came to America and changed their name to Taylor.

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My great-grandfather. His terms of service in the army ranged from 04/21/1898 to 07/26/1916. He was a private, a sgt., a sgt. major, a 1st Lt, and a 2nd Lt. Don't know when or where this picture was taken or what uniform he is wearing.
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My great-grandfather, Benjamin F. Stewart, was a Sgt. He is the one at the bottom right. Taken fording the San Domingo River near Manila. No names for other men, just a captain, another seargent, and eight privates.
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Black and white paper photo pasted onto stiff board. Young girl sitting, holding some kind of banjo.
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Elderly lady in black and white portrait. Black dress, white collar with some type of button around edge of collar.
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Picture of elderly lady on a country road or driveway. On back of picture is written 'Aby Shook'.
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On back of photo 'House where Bob Moore was borned'. Bob was actually George Carson MOORE, not sure why he was called Bob.
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This is a picture of a picture. Supposedly my husband's great-grandmother who was Cherokee, born abt 1838 in Lee Co., VA. Have no idea how old she is in the photo.
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Lori Payne You can see more information about him on his web page I made at: http://www.geocities.com/lorilpn11/Ben_Stewart_SAW.html
Jan 06, 2006 · posted to the photo Benjamin Franklin Stewart
Lori Payne You cans see more about Benjamin Franklin Stewart here: http://www.geocities.com/lorilpn11/Ben_Stewart_SAW.html
Jan 06, 2006 · posted to the photo Benjamin F. Stewart, Co. C, 47th Inf., U.S.V., SAW