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About: The surnames I'm working on is Collins,Satterfield,Higginbottom,Hall, Ward,Knighton,Williams on my side of the family. My husband is Verhulst,Cotter,Venable,Hatch,Shatto

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This it the grave of my Great Grandfather Hiram Hall
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This is a photos of my Great Grand Parents. Hiram Hall and Sara F. Jones. They was from Scott County Va. Moved to White Clouds Kansas. Hiram died in 1899. Sarah moved To AR. near her brother.
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Lucinda Shatto This photo might be part of our Hall Family. I have been doing research on the Hall side for 15 years or more and this is the first time something has brought me closer to may be finding lost Hall family. My Great Grand Father Hiram & Great Grand Mother Sarah (Jones) Hall was marred in TN but lived in Scott County Va. We do know my Grand Mother Lula was born in Carrollton,Mo. Per some records I have. I also have records that it puts this family in two different countys which one was White Cloud Kansas. They had children in MO,KS,AR. We do know Sarah had a Brother who moved to White Clouds KS and moved to AR. In Carrollton County AR. Befor Sarah moved to AR.after her husband died in 1899. And there last child was born in Jan. 1900 in KS. And 1905 Sarah was still in KS. We also know Hiram had a brother who also moved to KS but we was never sure if he was with them or not. There was a fallen out between the two Hall brother. I'm trying to find the other Hall brother. Also where Hiram grave is there is two Hallfamily there and the person who takes care of the books said she talks to the other Hall Family and they do not want any one put there because that family also had a fallen with Another Hall family. So our two family could be the same family who was fitting with each other. And one more story to add to this one.Hiram & Sarah children got married and some of them moved to CA and Sarah would go out to CA. My Grand Mother Lula she married Robert Lee Higginbottom and they got marred and some of their children moved to CA. And my grandmother Lula would go to the different daughters houses and spend time with them in CA. just like her mother did. There also was some other Higginbottom family of ours that moved there also. THE END. I bet your glad the story is over. I do not know where the photo was in CA. I wonder if it was close to our family? I hope you will get back to me I would love to have a copy. I just wonder if there was any other photoes there. Thank You Lucinda (Collins) Shatto
Mar 11, 2012 · posted to the photo Clarence S. Hall, Missouri