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About: Direct descendant of David Copeland,b.12 Feb 1783Penn & d.18 Sept 1838 Alabama;>Lewis Copeland>John Lewis Copeland>Lewis C. Copeland>E.L. Copeland...

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A federal style,antebellum brick home, this structure was built of homemade red bricks in the early 1800's by Lewis Copeland [& his slave] for his wife,Jane R. Nesmith & their children.It was used as their home & later, as an Inn. It is listed by the "Alabama Heritage" magazine 1996 Fall Issue # 46 as a significant historic site within Blount County,Alabama & is included in their article,"Places in Peril" of destruction by neglect. The structure was temporarily stabilized by placing steele reinforcment beams with the assistance of the local historical society volunteers & the State of Alabama, historical preservation society.This house has historic significance to several of the founding families of the Blountsville & Blount County area of Alabama.
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This is an article that assisted me in understanding the extent of the U.S. involvment in the South Pacific during WWII. My Uncle,a young Marine, died during the battle on Siapan, the first of the Marianas islands U.S. forces invaded while battling the Japanese. There is a memorial to our US soldiers located on one of the islands that bears the names of our fallen boys. They are organised by regiments.
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headstone of John Lewis Copeland, son of Lewis Copeland of Blountsville, Alabama & grandson of David & Esther Copeland.
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