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About: Anderson (Blount Co,AL), Brown (Pickens Co,SC), Bazemore, Bethea(SC), Burkhalter(GA>MS), Burt(GA), Butler(TN), Chambers, Chunn, Davlin, Deas/Dees(MS), Debow(TN>TX), Delozier(TN), Elder(TN), Elkins(KY), Emerson(GA), Frakes(KY), Garrett, Gilliam, Harris(KY), Harvey, Hays/Hayes(TN), Hutto(SC>AL), Manning(GA>AL), Nichols(TN), Pevehouse(TX), Posey(SC>AL), Rogers/Rodgers(SC>MS), Sheppard(AL), Shires, Spruill, Sterling, Strickland

Researching: Posey, Manning, Chunn, Strickland, Elder, Hutto, Pevehouse, Cureton, Burkhalter, Speed, Curington, Delozier, Debow, Shires

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Inscription on back of photo: Bryan Richards, Merrill Johnson, Otho M. Jones [b. February 1901] Taken about 1922? Photograph stamped: Edrington's Studio, McGregor, Texas"
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Words "Cayote, 1917" written on basketball. Inscription on back of photo: Back Row: Reva Walters, Mattie Landgraf, Allie Johnson, Thelma Richards, Elsie E. Strickland, Ludie? Hutchison, Zudie? Hutchison. Front Row: Aufra Richards, Myrtle Todd, Willie Grounds, Ermine Hord/Ford, Lillie Smith.
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Baseball Team, Cayote School, Bosque County, Texas 1917 Back Row: Raymond Evans, Raymond Robinson, Charlie Marth, Hurshel R. Jones, Tommy Williamson, Jesse Todd. Front Row: Carl Ford, Cullen Robinson, Leo Richards.
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