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He was born Jan 2 1901 in England and died May 10 1986..His Parents were John Short and Thirza Smith in England, Madeline
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We lived from 1940 to 1964.We came on a hay rack and a team of horses.
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This photo was found at the S Army in BC Canada...who is she? At the oppositeside if the picture would give you an idea where it was taken and the name
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This photo was in a envelope marked "Old Pictures"
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I found this at a recycle place in Bc Canada.
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Here is Henry Ray Rash behind the wheel of this old relic...Mose Rash is the front passenger and Lenard Rash is sitting in the rear..If anyone can tell mr where this was taken, I would be grateful, Madeline
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This shop is gone now but it dates 1915.I have no idea where in Edmonton it could have been.
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This photo has been passing through my hands about once a year, and I have no idea who this..
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Here is Frances Charlie Lowe, taken in England before 1938
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Madeline Rash what a beautiful photo of beautiful people....Thank you for showing it, Madeline Rash, canada
Mar 09, 2010 · posted to the photo ANNA E. /THEODORE THOMAS"TOM" TAYLOR
Madeline Rash I wonder....was this lady in the Trail of Tears? Sounds very much like Nancy Bushyhead,,,even so, I love your story, Madeline
Mar 30, 2008 · posted to the story Family
Madeline Rash I hear you, Diane...Somehow the aunts(his sisters) will understand, Madeline
Dec 29, 2007 · posted to the story LOST FAMILY
Madeline Rash I have recieved a letter from my cousin..She says that picture was taken in the Northvale area and it was grandpa Rashes house..She said it was taken in the summer of 1935. because she remembers Grandpa died that winter.. I have no idea what kind of car that was ..It must have been a ford
Jul 04, 2006 · posted to the photo Rash Brothers
Madeline Rash What a handsome man!
Apr 09, 2006 · posted to the photo Alfred Hanson, US Army WWI
Madeline Rash I would loved to have this lady for my grandmother,she is beautiful. Madeline
Oct 27, 2005 · posted to the photo Bridget