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About: Living in Northern Europe. The Faroe Islands ,part of the Danish Kingdom on 62 degree North.

Researching: Bendix, Kiebenick

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Jew - Jude: Mendel Hirsch, son of my ancestor Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch. Living in Frankfurt am Main in Germany.
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This is the Husband of Anna Margretha Kiebenick, he is born on Vraaby in the Islands of Romo in Denmark. His name is Chresten Jensen Andreasen son of Andreas Arentzen also from Romo . Romo is under Tonder county in Denmark. Before it was Ribe county. He died 1858 onboard his ship , called Fortune who was a step bigger than a Lugger. He led shipwreak between Faroes and Shetlands Isles, with his son Adolph onboard. They was living at that time in the Capitol of the Faroe Islands called Torshavn.
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Anna Margretha Kiebenick, daughter of Wiebke Herzner Bendix, born 1790 in Friedrichstadt in Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. Anna is my 5 Generations. They came from a Jewish Heritage in Norderstapel . In Jewish sources they only used the modern Cities and Towns therefore Hamburg instead. Our Familytree book is written Wiebke with another spelling : Wibege Herschner Bendix , but the German use only Herzen for all the surname.
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