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This photo was taken approx. 1857 to 1859. It includes our Great grandfather, our great, great, grandfather and our 3 times great grandfather. Quite confusing! From left to right are: Anniss Arabella nee Morley (born) Portsmouth, Hampshire, England Our great, great Grandmother Annis Ann (born) 1853, Greenich, Kent Henry (born) 8 November, 1789. Soham, Cambridgeshire, England Our 3 times great Grandfather George William (born) 18 April, 1845. RN Vitual Yard, Greenich, Kent Our great Grandfather Maria Eliza Jane (Born) 1857 0r 1858. Rotherhithe, Surrey George Ginn (born)1822. Richmond, Surrey, England Our great, great Grandfather Alfred Durant (born) 1856. Deptford, Kent
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George William Ginn and Margaret nee Hunt and their family This photo was taken in 1881, Strood, Kent. Left to right George Alfred (born) 17 September, 1874. Queenstown, Cork, Ireland Margaret Ginn nee Hunt (born) 6 December, 1846. Greenich, Kent, England Annis Margaret (born) 6 November, 1867. Queenstown, Cork, Ireland Mary Arabella (born) 1 August, 1879. Chatham, Kent, England George William Ginn (born) 18 April, 1845. Greenich, Kent. England Florence Kate - Flossie (born) 29 December, 1870. Queenstown, Cork, Ireland Note: There were 2 more children after this photo was taken. They were: Albert Theo (Born) 20 August, 1883. Medway, Kent, England Laurence Percival (born) 8 July, 1888. RN Hospital, Chatham, Kent
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William Bell (lV) Poppelwell and Catherine Robertson McLachlan They were both pioneer Catholics of North East Valley. Father Seon while travelling around the province visiting 90 Catholics then living in Otago, New Zealand, celebrated the first Mass in William and Catherine's small wooden house in the North East Valley.
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This family photo includes all the children from the family of William and Elizabeth Poppelwell. They are all born in Dunedin, New Zealand except for Elizabeth the mother who was born in Ireland They are from left to right: Henry Kearns (born) 1886 Elizabeth Henry (born) 1853 Ivy (Anna) (born) 1882 Cecil Edmond (Eddie) (born) 1890 William (V) (born) 1850 George William (born) 1884 Colin McLauchlan (born) 1888
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Christopher and Katherine's Children: Back Row: Reginald George Romenyn, Edward Christopher, Annie Eleanor (Nell), Francis (Frank) Richard. Front Row: Kathleen Florence (Cally) and Jane Katherine
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