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About: 20-something Graduate Student from Portland, Oregon, looking for information about: Schnoor, Chartier, Muhly, Haase, Weichel, Loranger, and Hix.

Researching: Kinner, Hix, Haase, Chartier, Schnoor, Muhly, Weichel, Loranger

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The back of this photo/card reads: "Mary, Harold and Clyde Ford. Age 9, 6 1/2, and 4 years. Christmas 1907." The photo company is Hamilton, and under the company name it reads "Colman BLDG, 811 First Ave. Seattle. I honestly have no idea how these children, charming though they may be, are related to me.
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This is one of two school photos I have, with no names, dates, or words other than "Blooming Lutheran School" on this one and "No. 1000" on the other one. I don't know who is family here but the abundance of people should, hopefully, turn up a few hits? First row, second and 7th from left: Muhly? Middle Row: Tall boy in the plaid shirt: Harold Haase. Back row, 5th from left: Muhly?
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