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Mary Vail Dear Greg: It appears that Melinda forwarded your email to me as well. We are probably connected somewhere in the family tree, just not sure where. The Greene line in my family stems from Wiley Bridges Greene and Maggie Virginia Curran in the Civil War era. Their son, James Greene (aka Dr.Frank Ellis) was my great grandfather. Melissa's great grandfather was another son of Wiley and Maggie. According to family records, that line goes back at least to the Revolutionary War and beyond. If you would like any other info or pictures, please let me know at
Jul 08 · posted to the photo Robert Russell Greene
Mary Vail Did you receive my reply? sometimes this website is hard to make sure information gets back and forth. If not, will you send me your email address so I can send pictures to you. I have quite a few you may be interested in, along with some letters, Frank's ticket to South Africa and excerpts from Maggie Virginia's diary, in case you don't have it. Let me know. My email address is lizvail(at)
Jul 05 · posted to the photo Robert Russell Greene
Mary Vail I agree about our family...the Ellis/Greene side is most fascinating. Robert and Frank both went to South Africa...I'm not sure if they travelled together or separately. One entry she made, while not naming Frank/James by name, mentioned that they, Robert and Frank, arrived safely in South Africa. I'm wondering if they travelled together. I know my Grandmother said his father, Wylie took him to the port of New Orleans and essentially smuggled him out of the country. I imagine it possible he sent both of them. I do have his ticket on the ship in the papers left to me. It is for one passenger, but each would have had their own. I'll see if I can get a copy for you. Also, I have some letters women in South Africa wrote to Frank/James. Most were worried about his reputation. Such an interesting time in our history. If you send me your email address, I'll start forwarding pictures to you. I scanned them all a few years ago, so it will be fairly simple. Would love to hear more from you. My Grandmother, Lyndall Ellis Maddux, was special to me, and her father, Frank, was her hero. My Mother, Betty Maddux Lechtenberg, was absolutely crazy about her Grandfather, Frank. Grandma told so many stories about their life, and then I found some of it documented in pictures. It was quite a life for their family, at least until Frank died and they actually got to settle down a bit.
Jul 05 · posted to the photo Robert Russell Greene
Mary Vail My email address is Will be happy to hear from you
Feb 02 · posted to the photo Robert Russell Greene
Mary Vail Somehow, this sent the message before I was done. To continue, Lyndall's father was Dr. Frank Ellis. He changed his name from Frank Greene in early 1890. His father was Wylie Bridges Greene and his mother was Maggie Greene. Therefore, his brother was Robert Greene. I have copies of parts of Maggie's diary which are so interesting to read...from the time she first became acquainted with Wiley til they married, had children, wandered all over the country, chasing rainbows, to the difficult life she had with no money except the stipend given her by her sons. One excerpt mentions a visit from Frank Ellis and his new wife, Laura. According to my Grandmother's stories, her father was involved in a duel in Kentucky, shot a man and was whisked off to the port of New Orleans by his father who sent him on a sailing ship to South Africa. I also have his ticket for the passage. During the years he was gone, he changed his name and finally came back to the states as Frank Ellis. He went to medical school and became a doctor. He was hired by the Department of Indian Affairs to attend to the needs of the Indians on various reservations throughout the Midwest and West. His last assignment was in Arizona. My Grandmother remembers the trip down the Colorado River on a raft or canoe when they moved there. She was six years old at the time, 1906. My Mother was his first grandchild and she loved him beyond all else. They all lived together in Kansas City MO where my mother and her brother were born. Unfortunately, in the early 1930's, Frank died from a heart attack one night. Equally unfortunate, my grandfather, Vincent Maddux, was shot in the head by a robber at the bus terminal where he worked. While he didn't die from his injuries, he was disabled thereafter. The Old Soldier's Home in Kansas City had to ask they to vacate the doctor's residence after Frank died. So, the family lost both bread winners and their home. With the small amount of money they had between them, Laura, Lyndall, Vince and the two kids moved here to California. They purchased a lovely old Craftsman house in Monterey Park in 1936. They lived there until the late 1960's when they sold it to move into a smaller house in the same city. Grandpa Vince died in 1973 and Lyndall in 1989. My mother, Betty, died in 2011 and her brother, Bill, in 2012. If you are interested in any of the pictures of the family, including Maggie, Frank, Laura, etc. and pictures of the Greene Jewelry store from, what appears to be, around 1910, I'll be very happy to share what I have with you. These may all be things you already have, but you might want to check them out. Some of the pictures I have made an educated guess at who they are based on what I know, uniforms and clothing. I'm fairly confident it is largely correct but would love to have other eyes looking at the stuff. I have a considerable number of letters between Frank and his children as well as a controversy he and the other doctors working for Indian Affairs had with the government. Also, there is a museum in Arizona who has the contract signed by Frank for his service in Arizona along with some pictures of him and his family on the desolate reservation.
Feb 02 · posted to the photo Robert Russell Greene
Mary Vail I'm very excited to hear from you. It has been frustrating trying to find info on this branch of the family. My understanding is that during and after the Civil War, many records were destroyed or lost to posterity. A little of the history as I know it: My grandmother was Lyndall Ellis (Greene) Maddux. She was born to Dr. Frank Ellis and Laura Dickson Ellis in 1900 in the Oklahoma Territory. She married Vincent Maddux in 1923.
Feb 02 · posted to the photo Robert Russell Greene
Mary Vail Amazing how times have changed! I'll post some pics of the buses he drove. Just so you know, I received a message on the website from a distant 'cousin' because of pictures I posted of Dr. Frank Ellis. I am waiting for a reply from her, but haven't heard back yet. This is the first time I've received any info from a related person and am looking forward to sharing info with her. She may have info that I am missing on his family and I may have some she doesn't have. I was very happy to hear from her. Thanks for the website.
Jul 18, 2013 · posted to the photo Kansas City Bus Drivers, ca 1929
Mary Vail Thanks for the opinion. I have corrected the date on the original photo submitted. The catcher in the pic is Howard Van Buskirk, born in 1888. He lived in New Jersey around Plainfield and Point Pleasant. I will check out the Manhattan team and see if it may be a possibility. I am pretty certain that is Babe Ruth in the pic but have no idea who any of the other team members are.
May 27, 2013 · posted to the photo Baseball Team & Babe Ruth, New Jersey
Mary Vail You are right, Daniel. I went back and checked to see what identifiers I might find. Howard Van Buskirk, the catcher in the picture, was born in 1888 so my original date is way off. The album where the picture resides is completely undated with pics from the late 1800's through about 1920-25. I've looked up some of the swimwear in pictures and have dated some to around 1900. Since they lived on the coast in New Jersey, I can only assume most were taken in New Jersey.
May 27, 2013 · posted to the photo Baseball Team & Babe Ruth, New Jersey
Mary Vail That is so awesome. It always amazes me how people can be interested in other families history. I just love all the stories, whether or not they are relatives. It comes clear why we, as americans, are such tough people. We live in luxury compared to the rest of the world, but underneath we are pretty tough and all the 'ancient faces' are responsible for that.
Apr 25, 2013 · posted to the person Frank G. Ellis
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