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MaryFrances McKee Lillian Audrie Blevins was born in 1898. She was the daughter of Hiram and Mary Josephine Blevins. She was sold to James Prince Cates(Jim/Pop)after her mother died by her stepfather. They say he dropped the rest of the kids on doorsteps. Jim Cates was either a sheriff or Texas Ranger and was much older than she. Their Children were: Alabea Cates (They think she died in the pleague) Bonnie Allen (They think she died in the pleague also) Floyd Earl Cates Mary Frances Cates (Died in a drowning accident) Harold Lloyd (my father) Dorothy Pearl (Dot) Cates Naomi Josaphena Fidella (Tincy) Cates. Pop was kin to the Younger brothers and Jesse James somehow. He said that when he was young he would run messages from one gang to the other, and when he got caught he was given the choice of going to jail or becoming an officer...he chose to be an officer. Lillian had a bad temper and she and Pop would always fight. Uncle Earl told a story of them getting into a fight while they were fixing the roof. He said that she hit him in the head with a bucket and knocked him off the roof. Because she never loved Pop she would keep running away. One cousin said that Pop got tired of chasing her down and chained her to the bed with a long chain that would go around the house. Her sister finally brought her a file so she could get away. When Pop walked in she hid behind the door until he left. Then she ran away with a man named Frenchy (No other info.) When Grandma ran away Pop took his gun and went to find her. He left all the kids there alone. They did not want to go to an orphanage, so they did not tell anyone they were there alone. One of the Aunts finally figured out what was going on when my father tried to sell her a family album to buy food. The Children were placed in an orphanage. I am not sure how long they stayed there. But the orpanage was not a nice place to be. Earl escaped with two other boys by swimming across a river near the orphanage, but one of the boys drowned. That haunted him for the rest of his life. When Pop finally returned with a new wife he wasn't able to get 8 year old Dorthy (Dot)out for a while because she had Syphilis. (I don't know if she was born with it, or contracted it in the orphanage.) The new wife was the Preverbal "Wicked Stepmother". She had two children by a prior marriage (Beatrice and Monroe Patton)and treated them better than the other children. They put in a Laundry and all of the kids worked like slaves (except for her children). Uncle Earl lost three fingers in the ringer machine (He always told kids that he bit them off). When Beatrice was a teenager she got pregnant and her mother gave her an abortion with a coathanger. She died of complecations. Monroe Joined the airforce. Earl Joined the Army, and they wouldn't take Harold because he was too short. He became a cowboy and worked on the Calcoat and Mabee ranches (He did finally gorw to 5'11 when he was 19.)
Dec 14, 2006 · posted to the surname Blevins