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John McFadden was born in 1819 in Knox County, Kentucky. Raised up in Laurel County, Kentucky. He married Bartheny "Theny" Young. John was in the Union Army in the Civil War. He was in the 24th. Kentucky Infantry, Company H from December 1861-January 1865. He died in 1894 in Laurel County, Kentucky. John's parents were Jesse McFadden (born in South Carolina) and Sally Ruth Chesnut (born in Kentucky). John's sisters were Sarah "Sally", Patience, Lydia, Nancy, and Elizabeth "Betsy" McFadden. John's brothers were Chapman, Westerfield "Wesley", and David McFadden. John's brother, David (born 1828, Laurel County, Ky) was also in the Union Army (7th. Regiment of Kentucky Infantry).
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