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A photo of the Houzet family of Eastern Cape, South Africa, in 1912.
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White building on left - old home of Anne Catherine Joseph Bruyenne. Dear Genealogy Friend, I have for many years been doing research into the origin and genealogy of my great-grandfather, Jean Baptiste HOUZET, of Tournai, who emigrated to South Africa in 1857 after the Crimean War. I think I have at last discovered the birthplace and also the likely identity of the father of my great-grandfather Jean Baptiste Houzet who emigrated to South Africa at the close of the Crimean War in 1857 after enlisting with the British-German Legion on the island of Helgoland [just off Hamburg, Germany] in August 1855. It appears that Jean Baptiste (Junior) was almost certainly born at Rue du Cygne 13, Saint Jacques, Tournai, Belgique: In the attached photograph this seems to be the narrow white building [no doubt renovated in recent years] on the left from where his father, Jean Baptiste Joseph Houzet, ran a pawnshop before moving to Rue Blandinoise No. 3, nearby. The following bits of information has been extracted from genealogical records in Belgium and I was wondering whether you have some connection with these surnames as I understand from Geneanet that the name BRUYENNE features in your family tree? 1 - BRUYENNE Anne Catherine Joseph born in Tournai (Saint-Jacques) on June 17, 1791; Living in 1824 at Rue du Cygne 13, Saint Jacques, Tournai. Married in Tournai on December 1, 1824 with : 2 - HOUZÉ Jean Baptiste Joseph born in Tournai (Saint-Jacques) on August 9, 1794. In 1819 working in the "Mont de Piété". (a) Living at Rue des Bouchers 18, Tournai in 1825; (b) Later living at Rue du Cygne 13, Tournai. 3 - HOUZÉ Jean Baptiste born in Tournai on December 29, 1825 (the birth act was written on December 30th, the day after). 4 - HOUZÉ Pierre Joseph born in Tournai in 1792; master cooper in 1819 : working in the "Mont de Piété"; living at Rue des Bouchers 10, Tournai. 5 - BRUYENNE Jacques Antoine Joseph. Died in Tournai on September 11, 1824. Married with : 6 - MASURE Rosalie Joseph. Died in Tournai on February 6, 1808 7 - HOUZÉ Simon Joseph. Married in Tournai on June 16, 1750 with : 8 - DELZENNE Anne Joseph 9 - MALO Jean Baptiste. Married with : 10 - DUMORTIEZ Marie Catherine Greetings, Yours sincerely, Merlin HOUZET c/o Thuys Jacobsz Old Age Centre, PO Box 1353, Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal, SOUTH AFRICA 3370
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Merlin Houzet In the photo: Back row: 1. Josephine Amelia Theresa [age 21] (married Magistrate HP Keevy); 2. Lionel Francis [age 15]; 3. Edith Gladys Henrietta [age 17] (married Farmer C Vermaak of “Leeufontein”); 4. Otto Julius Jonathan [age 19]; Seated: 5. Otto Joseph Julius HOUZET, Town Clerk of Steynsburg [age 46] youngest son of Jean Baptiste Houzet immigrant ex Tournai; 6. Amelia d'Egville Houzet (second daughter of Jonathan Crooks and Elizabeth Collett) [age 41]; Seated on floor: 7. Gwendoline Alexandria [age 10] (married Standard Bank Manager AH Vosloo); 8. Vernon French [age 12] he became the Magistrate and father of Merlin, Gerald, Roy & Hugh Houzet; 9. Millicent May [age 8] (married music Prof PJ Lemmer of Bloemfontein). Photographed at “Hillcrest”, Steynsburg, Eastern Cape, South Africa, late November 1912. Otto Joseph Julius HOUZET (born 29.11.1866) was the youngest son of the four children of the British Foreign Legion soldier-settler from Tournai (birth date and ancestry of JBH are still undefined); he departed from Belgium to the Helgoland British recruiting depot enroute to England in 1855 to enlist for active service in the Crimea. After the Crimean War Jean Baptiste HOUZET settled at Frankfort, British Kaffraria in 1857, with 3000 brother legionnaires settling nearby, and in 1859 married the second-eldest daughter (Marie Louisa, born 1842) of the nine children of the Prussian Settler, Ernst Wilhelm GRUNOW (ex Britzig, Uckermark) and Henriette (or was it Dorothea Elisabeth Grunow nee Schultz or Schulz?), the Grunow family having left the port of Hamberg on board the Settler ship the La Rochelle at the beginning of June, 1858. Ernest Wilhelm Grunow who was a miller by trade died at Frankfort as early as 31.7.1861 only 3 years after the family's arrival; and Jean Baptiste Houzet drowned in the flooded Yellow-woods River near King Williams Town during October or November, 1869 (his Death Certificate and subsequent known-to-have-existed Grahamstown Journal & King Williams Town Gazette press reports of his drowning incident are still untraceable in the local museums). JBH left behind 4 (still to this day) unclaimed properties, also still registered in his name, and he is buried in an unmarked grave (with no tombstone to this day) at plot No J. 26 in the old King Williams Town cemetery leaving behind his destitute young widow, Marie Louisa Houzet (nee Grunow) and 4 little orphans, Josephine (age 8), Hermann (age 7), Eduard (age 5) and Otto (age 2). Genealogical and photographic research done by Merlin Houzet, c/o P.O. Box 1353, Ladysmith, KZN, South Africa, 3370. All suggestions and/or corrections/additions to current data are most welcome.
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