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Michael Sandiland Douglas was born in Austria, Europe of Colonel John S. and Sally Sandiland. Colonel John Sandiland was a difficult individual and especially as a father. Sally became a protector of Doug when John made difficult demands of Doug. Colonel John Sandiland' only sibling was Lloyd William Sandiland. Lloyd was several years younger that John and did not like his older brother, John. Doug was known in the family as a rather wild, drug user, and womanizer. He used himself up rather earlier than normal. He became morbidly obese and developed diabetes in his middle years. He lost 2 toes to diabetes and had serious heart trouble also. He has a 5 bypass open chest surgery. Later needed 2 stents installed and one final procedure of a pacemaker. The heart trouble resulted in his death at the Antiques Roadshow in June 2010 at Billings, Montana. Doug married once which lasted a short time. His early school years were spent at Valley Forge Military Academy in Pennsylvania.
Mar 29, 2013 · posted to the person Douglas Stuart Sandiland