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Natalia Unknown I posted this photo on my blog and had a comment from an "MI" about it that said that this photo "is of my grandparents. The boy and girl seated are my dad (Merle) and his twin sister (Pearl). Standing in the back are my uncles l-r, Max, Wayne, Archie, Louis Jr." Merle later married someone surnamed Skoruppa. MI has not commented here so I thought I would post the information he or she shared.
Apr 09, 2010 · posted to the photo Edward Issacks Family
Natalia Unknown I replied to Cassie privately.
Jul 25, 2009 · posted to the photo baby Erma Peel
Natalia Unknown Update: Bitahvn, the seller did not have any more info on the location, so we are still guessing. Ritastory, I am guessing on the dates, thanks for the comment. I checked the original photo and there are Xs on 21 of the children, just not all are visible on the scan, only from an angle. To anyone interested, someone wrote me saying that his uncle's father was a George Mays from Kentucky.
Jan 24, 2006 · posted to the photo School, children named, 1 AA or biracial girl
Natalia Unknown To help with one of your questions, this lovely outfit is definitely a boy's outfit in this era! What a gorgeous little guy!
Feb 13, 2004 · posted to the photo Young Child
Natalia Unknown I would guess these two were brother and sister, judging from their facial resemblance, similarity of age, and lack of wedding rings. Just my humble opinion.
Feb 13, 2004 · posted to the photo Boy and mother or Husband & wife
Natalia Unknown I have edited the writeup to reflect my lack of knowledge of it! Thanks for the prompt. Perhaps someone has an idea?
Jan 10, 2004 · posted to the photo Girls of Reed School
Natalia Unknown Do you know if these are all siblings, or include inlaws, nieces, nephews, or the parents of the family? Thanks!
Feb 25, 2004 · posted to the photo Wellston Family
Natalia Unknown The photo shows up fine for me. I love pictures of big families!
Feb 25, 2004 · posted to the photo James McLaughlin family
Natalia Unknown Thanks for sharing these lovely memories of your grandparents - what wonderful people, you must miss them very much. Your write-up touched me so I had to write!
Feb 16, 2004 · posted to the photo Jesse & Ethel Patterson