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This photo was found in my grandmother Frances Valeta Hightower's family pictures. That includes photos of the Hightowers and Robinetts.
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Edward Monroe Hightower, in Sweetwater, Texas in 1937, at the age of 70.
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Edward M. Hightower eldest child of Thomas Preston Hightower & #2 wife, Ruth. E.M. was left with 4 babies to raise after Jennie Fergus perished in a kerosne fire in their home in Drane, Texas. The youngest child was only a year when Jennie died.
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Maude Robinett Hightower photo taken approx. 1910. Daughter of Elbert Jennings & Sousanna Robinett, Venus,TX. Wife to Edward Monroe Hightower, mother to Frances & Buddy Hightower. Lived in Electra, TX. d 1917,Alvarado,TX.
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This is a picture of my g-grandfather Monroe Hightower with his first family. Wife Jennie Fergus-Hightower died in a fire in 1898, 1 year after photo. Trying to locate Fergus & Hightower family.
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