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Richard Stokes, military photo from the Viet Nam war era. No date, location, or branch of service offered by the submitter.
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This (according to my Grandmother, before she passed) is George Vernon Atkinson, home on leave. My Grandmother told me the photo was taken in Luzerne and I said, "George was stationed in Switzerland?" to which she replied, "Honey, Luzerne is in Michigan!". I am not sure she really knew there was a Luzerne in Switzerland!! This photo was taken in Michigan though. George was born to John Francis Atkinson and Sarah May Muma in Michigan on October 29, 1929.
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This is George Garland Stokes, born August 18, 1917 to George Edgar Stokes and Lola Binina Rands in Cheboygan, Michigan. George enlisted in the Army on April 5, 1941 but after his physical, it was discovered that he had a growth in his mouth or throat and surgery was done to remove it. He was sent home after that.
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Atley Author Atkinson military photo. Atley was born in Canada and raised in Michigan, the son of John Francis Atkinson and Sarah May Muma. Atley enrolled in the military September 19, 1941.
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