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About: Collector and Researcher of Antique, Vintage and Real Photo Postcards offering a wide variety of historical topics that include; U.S. and World History, Artist Signed, Halloween, Americana, Real Photographs, Religious Holidays, Valentines, Comics, Novelties and Transportation.

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Early 1900's postcard of Frank A. Gotch, "Champion Catch-Can Wrestler of the World". This is one of a series of postcards featuring Frank that was taken by the Saul family at their Photography Studio in Humboldt, Iowa. The Saul and Gotch families grew up together and remained close for many years.
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Vintage, 'Kodak' RPPC of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. where Martin Luther King delivered his "I have a Dream" speech in 1963. Card Title: "In this Temple, as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever".
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Early 1900's, rare DOPS Real Photo postcard showing Oregon lumberjacks breaking a pose for traveling photographer. Interesting handwritten message on back reads; "The method of falling large timber on the Pacific Coast. Starting the undercut to throw the tree. A flat form is built around all large trees, the tree is notched to throw it a general direction, then sawed down."
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Real Photograph of famous Shakespearean Actress, Phyllis Dare, poised 'in costume' worn in the play 'Pirates of Pensance" in 1902. Born in 1890 as 'Phyllis Constance Haddie Dones' - she debuted at the age of 15 and joined her sister Zena to star in the play 'Babes in the Woods'.
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Bringing in the Sheaves - Exaggerated Photo Montage by W.H. 'Dad' Martin: Antique, exaggerated 'Tall Tale' photo by William H. 'Dad' Martin of large Corn and Cabbage crop grown on Iowa farm.
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AZO, Real Photo Postcard of former prisoner William Glyndon and his Attorney, F.A. Heald, taken on the Penitentiary grounds following his pardon by the Governor of Iowa in 1909. Convicted of murder in 1878, Glyndon served 31 years behind bars before his sentence was exonerated due to 'circumstantial evidence'. Prior to his conviction, Glyndon served as a sharpshooter for the Ohio infantry during the Civil War.
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