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Pauline Drury Filed: 10/29/2000 By CHRIS RAMIREZ Californian staff writer e-mail: It was a hug Pauline Drury waited decades for. Mark Drury had been almost as patient, holding on 44 years without his sister's embrace. But the wait ended Saturday at the Bakersfield Amtrak Station. "I'm relieved," said Drury, moments after stepping off the 9:15 a.m. bus from Oxnard to meet his biological sister for the first time. "All those feelings I had from all those pictures are now complete." Ms Drury was able to reunite with Drury only after years of self-motivated detective work and some high-tech sleuthing on the Internet. The search began in 1997 when Ms Drury began researching the family of her stepfather, six years after he died. In doing so, Ms Drury found gaps as she began looking into her mother's family. She said she realized her own identity wouldn't be complete until she found her biological father, Wendell George Drury. Wendell Drury divorced Ms Drurys' mother whenMs Drury was 1 1/2 years old. The only reminders she had of her biological father were three photos her mother gave her. Then there were clues in baby books and stories about Drury passed down in earlier years by Ms Drurys' aunt and grandmother. But little else was tangible. In January, Ms Drury enlisted the help of an insurance investigator, who was able to dig up Drury's Social Security number and his last-known address, a home in Aurora, Colo. He also uncovered a short list of relatives, which included Mark Drury. Finally, she got another hot lead, one that turned her to more detailed searches on the Internet. She was able to get the death certificate of her grandfather, Paul Drury. The document also provided her information that eventually led to facts about her family from the turn of the century as far back as the 1600s. "I knew I was on the right track, but I didn't want to stop there," she said. In September, Ms Drury posted information about her family on the Internet and got a response from Anita Goodrick, a second cousin by marriage living in Lompoc CA. Goodrick had access to a copy of Ms Drurys' great-grandparents' wedding photo, and ultimately helped her contact Mark Drury, a landscape designer in Oxnard. Ms Drury said she was at first hesitant about contacting him. "I kept thinking, 'What if he doesn't want anything to do with me?'" Ms Drury recalled. "I just didn't have the nerve to call." But eventually, on Sept. 23 to be exact, she did get up the nerve. She called Drury and the two talked for 90 minutes. The next night he called her, they talked for 31/2 hours. "We talked about everything: our father, what we've been doing, what he's been doing. Everything," Ms Drury said. They began to exchange mail, some of which included photos and stories about what their father was like. It turns out Mark Drury had been in a search of Ms Drury since 1990. He had the same clues asMs Drury — three photos in an album from 1948 of a girl who family members identified as his sister. But, unlike Ms Drury, he didn't have a computer, so he couldn't track her down using the Internet. He had no clue how to find her. Her mother had remarried & changed her last name. Then they moved to Fresno CA. Mark Drury recovered the photo album and the Drury family bible when he went to Colorado to settle his father's affairs after his death in 1994. The pair believes their father carried the album around with him wherever he went. For Mark Drury, the final pieces to his own identity have fallen into place. "A void has been filled," he said. "Now, I want to spend my life trying to get to know her and love her." We also made the local CBS news twice 6: pm & 11: pm. They came to the house & filmed a great story about us & did such a good story that all my friends that saw it call & told me they were in tears after watching it. I didn't tell Mark that I was doing it either. 2 days before he kept asking how I was feeling & I said excited & nervous,but didn't want to spoil the surprise, I finally told him why I was nervous, after the newspaper showed up at the station. He hugged me harder & said I was a little stinker but wasn't made at me. It was quite an emotional moment Saturday morning. Lilly Pauline Drury Pauline
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Pauline Drury Edward Tucker Family Tree; The Missouri Pioneers of Boone County Missouri book in the archives shows Edward Tucker as a landowner in 1833. Edward and Elizabeth m 19 Dec 1811 in Madison Co., VA. Edward was the owner of a sugar orchard. William B. Woodruff was son of David Woodruff and Martha Blackwell. He married Hannah B. Turner. Wm B. Woodruff b 25 Apr 1788 d 9 Mar 1879 in Mariposa CA. Boone County was created from Howard County and some of that land now extended into Audrain and Calloway Counties. Edward Tucker came to Missouri in 1820 and settled in Rocky Fork, 10 miles North of Columbia in Boone County Missouri. He died of pneumonia in 1855 at the age of 75. Edward was born in Culpepper Co., Virginia about 1777, by the birth places of some of his children it is believed that he went to Kentucky before going to Missouri in 1820. He married Elizabeth [Betsy] Simms, December 19, 1811 in Madison Co., VA. Edward b; 28 Apr, 1777 d; 7 Apr, 1855. He was born near Appomattox Court house, VA. He m; Elizabeth “Betsy” Sims 19 Dec, 1811 in Madison, VA. [1795-1880] She was the daughter of William & Mary [Leavell] Sims. Edward died in Boone Co, MO and was originally buried in the Tucker Family Cemetery. The other Tucker's were moved to Red Top Cem. Outside Hallsville, MO so he might have too when the cemetery was destroyed. They had 9 children: 1.Wm. Warren b; September 24, 1812 m. Martha Blackwell 2.James B. b; abt. 1816 m. Mary (Polly) Dunbar 3.Arthur Sherrod b; abt. 1818 m. Eleanor Woodruff 4.Virenda Haden b; November 28, 1822 m. John Turner 5.Parthina F. b; December 24, 1827 m. Wm. Pigg 6.Paulina Leavell b; December 24, 1827 m. Wm. Goslin 7.Lamira J. b; 1828 m. Demarcus Palmer 8.*John M. b; 1833 m. Eliz. A. White 9. Nancy Eliz. b; March 28, 1836 m. Alexander Schooler
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Pauline Drury I am the 12 generation great grand daughter of George Hugh DRURY New England Families Genealogical and Memorial: Third Series, Volume IV Page 2283 mention of a George Drury is found This ship brought a company of the younger Winthrop's settlers bound for Connecticut, but Hugh Drury located at Sudbury, Massachusetts, as early as 1641 and was a proprietor of that town. In 1646 he removed to Boston, selling his Sudbury place to Edmund Rice. He was a carpenter by trade. In 1654 he was a member of the Artillery Company and afterward had the rank of lieutenant. He was admitted to the Boston church, April 16, 1654, and freeman, May 3, 1654. He was a town officer of Boston. His will was dated November 1, 1687, and proved July 30, 1689. He bequeathed to Mary, widow of son John, to sister Lydia Hawkins, son Thomas, refers to deceased wife Lydia and to a daughter Mary. He was buried in the Kings Chapel burying ground, Boston, and the grave is marked. He married (first) Lydia Rice, who was born in 1627, died April 5, 1675, daughter of Edmund and Tamazin Rice. He married (second) October, 1676, Mary Fletcher, widow of Rev. Edward Fletcher. His wife Lydia was admitted to the church, March 12, 1648. Children of first wife: John, mentioned below; Thomas, probably died young; Mary, died 1680. Child by second wife: Hugh, July 19, 1677, probably died young. (II) Lieutenant John Drury, son of Hugh Drury, was born May 2, 1646, and baptized March 19, 1649, at Boston. He died in 1678, before his father, leaving an estate valued at five hundred and sixty-two pounds. He was lieutenant in King Philip's war. He also was a carpenter. He married Mary Shrimpton, daughter of Edward Shrimpton, merchant of Bednall, county Middlesex, England. Children, born at Boston: Thomas, mentioned below; Lydia; Mary, married William Alden; Elizabeth; Mercy; Daniel; John Jr., born December 26, 1678. (III) Captain Thomas Drury, son of Lieutenant John Drury, was born in Boston, August 10, 1668, and died at Framingham in 1723. He was an early settler of Framingham and took a leading part in the organization and government of the town. He was the first town clerk, an office he held for eleven years. He was the first deputy to the general court in 1701. He was one of the first board of selectmen and served thirteen years. He was schoolmaster in 1713; lieutenant of the military company in 1713, captain in 1719. He was placed in charge of the public ammunition with Ensign Bridgem, June 15, 1719, and they were directed to store the powder, etc., in a vault in the loft of the meeting house. Framingham believed in "trusting in God and keeping the powder dry." He was a conveyancer and magistrate. In his will, dated November 11, 1723, he bequeaths to his own family and to a cousin, Mary Ball. He married, December 15, 1687, Rachel Rice, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Moore) Rice. Children, born in Framingham: Caleb, mentioned below; Captain Thomas, born August 29, 1690; John, died 1754; Mary, married, January 1, 1713, David Bent; Rachel, married George Fairbanks; Lydia, married Joseph Pike; Elizabeth, born June 22, 1701; Micah, May 2, 1704; Uriah, January 17, 1707. (IV) Caleb Drury, son of Captain Thomas Drury, was born in Framingham, Massachusetts, October 5, 1688, died 1723. He married, October 10, 1706, Elizabeth Eames, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Eames) Eames. They lived and died in Framingham. She was born April 11, 1685. Children: Josiah, mentioned below; Daniel, April 25, 1709; John, June 18, 1711; Caleb, May 22, 1713; Asenath, January 9, 1714; Seville, January 11, 1715; Captain Zedekiah, April 30, 1716; Ebenezer, October 5, 1718; Joseph, December 19, 1720; Elizabeth, July 30, 1721. (V) Josiah Drury, son of Caleb Drury, was born in Framingham, September 17, 1707. He was killed in an ox-cart accident at Wayland. He married, October 9, 1733, Hannah Barron, born August 6, 1709, daughter of Timothy and Rachel (Jennison) Barron, of Sherborn. Children, born in Framingham; Sarah, born December 8, 1734; Elizabeth, November 30, 1737; Josiah, June 29, 1740; Moses, mentioned below; Hannah, May 27, 1744, died in 1825; Nathan, September 27, 1746; Captain Asa, June 24, 1748; Elisha, April 21, 1749, died young; Elisha, August 5, 1753. (VI) Moses Drury, son of Josiah Drury, was born at Framingham, Massachusetts, August 4, 1742, died September 6, 1836. He removed to Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire, in 1770 or 1771. He was a soldier in the revolution, a private in Captain John Mellen's company, Colonel Hall's regiment, in June and July, 1777, marching from Fitzwilliam to Ticonderoga. He married Cata Adams, who was baptized April 13, 1740, died March 11, 1816, daughter of Joseph and Prudence (Pratt) Adams. Children, the first three born in Framingham, the others in Fitzwilliam: Cata, born May 29, 1762; Sally, March 7, 1764; Josiah, mentioned below; Lovina, baptized April 5, 1772; Hannah Barnes, baptized February 19, 1775. Children, born at Dummerston, recorded at Fitzwilliam: Joseph, born November 10, 1777; Betsey, April 22, 1780; Annis, August 11, 1782; Elisha, July 28, 1783; Moses, mentioned below; Nathan, September 3, 1791. Page 2283 Page 2284 (VII) Josiah Drury, son of Moses Drury, was born at Framingham or Natick, Massachusetts, April 5, 1766. He married Margaret Ayers, born at Old Derry, Massachusetts, 1777. Children: Electa, born November 17, 1797; Josiah, July 24, 1799; Eliza, May 4, 1802; James, December 23, 1805; Sarah, June 23, 1807; George Henry, August 6, 1809; Nelson, March 13, 1812; Moses, June 19, 1814; Joseph Elliot, mentioned below; Charles, November 21, 1818. (VII) Moses Drury, son of Moses Drury, was born at Dummerston or Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire, July 7, 1788, died at Fitzwilliam, April 16, 1884. He was a model citizen and Christian, a member of the church at Rockingham. He was postmaster of Cambridgeport in 1837-38. He married (first) July 3, 1810, Lucy Nurse, born June 30, 1787, died April 2, 1827, daughter of Ebenezer and Priscilla (Poor) Nurse. He married (second) June 5, 1828, Sally Locke, born March 8, 1792, died October 21, 1874, daughter of Joseph and Lucy (Piper) Locke. Children by first wife: Infant, born June 15, 1811; infant, April 10, 1812; Sarah, March 2, 1813; Curtis, June 12, 1814; Louisa, March 31, 1816; Sylvester, April 28, 1818; Lyman, April 24, 1821; Lucy, February 13, 1824, married Joseph E. Drury, mentioned below; Moses Sabin, September 21, 1826, died in 1827. Child by second wife: Edward Payson, born February 13, 1837. (VIII) Joseph Elliot Drury, son of Josiah Drury, was born at Pleasant Valley, Rockingham, Vermont, August 30, 1816. He attended the district school of his native village. When a young man he went to Bellows Falls in the same town and there learned the trade of carpenter. He was in business for a number of years as a builder and contractor. He purchased a farm at North Walpole, New Hampshire, but afterward sold it and resumed his business career in Worcester, Massachusetts. He became one of the prominent builders of the city and continued actively in business until within a few years prior to his death, which occurred at Worcester, May 2, 1891. He was an upright, honorable man of business, an exemplary Christian, kindly, charitable and beloved. For several years he was deacon of the Congregational church of Bellows Falls, and active and earnest in the work of the church. After coming to Worcester he joined the Old South Congregational Church, but after six years or more he became one of the founders and original members of Piedmont Congregational Church. In politics he was a Republican, but never aspired to office. He married, August 30, 1843, Lucy Drury, born February 13, 1824, daughter of Moses and Lucy Drury, mentioned above. Children: 1. William A., born December 6, 1848. 2. Cha
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