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Thomas Randolph Eastland, born Feb 26, 1868 in Kinmundy, Marion Co., IL; died Oct 12, 1922, in Kansas City, Kansas. Burried at Deepwood Cem., Nevada, MO. Married to Louella Mae Abercrombie, born Feb 20, 1863 in Mount Vernon, Indiana, died Apr 25, 1935 in Fort Scott, Kansas, burried Deepwood Cem., Nevada, MO.
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Family photo of Lewis Evans Myers and his son, William Albert Myers and wife, Margaret Jane Middleton. Taken in approximately 1893.
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Photo of Cuzzie (Cousa?) Eveline Hayes Abercrombie, circa early 1900's.
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This is the 50th wedding anniversary photo of Jesse Evans Myers and Agnes I. Eastland Myers.
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This is the wedding photo of my grandparents, Jesse Evans Myers and Agnes I. Eastland.
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