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About: I am looking for a robert B. Nicholson, my husband's dad. He was married to Gracie Marie Roberts in Fla. 1939. He just left one day. All I have to go on his my mother in law's word and she is now 86 yrs old and forgets a lot. Other names Legers, Firgurants, Sonniers Doises Courvilles and Hellings.

Researching: Leger, Nicholson, Courville, Sonnier, Figurant, Doise

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A photo of Robert B "Bob" Nicholson - this man was my husband's father. He abandon him when was 9 months old in 1941. They lived in St Marks Florida. if anyone knows of this man, we are just looking for famiy connection. would love to now more about him we have kids,my husband has since passed away and again would just like family ties thank you
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A photo of Robert "Bob" B. Nicholson and Grace Nicholson, 1939 Florida
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A photo of Miss Hazel LeBleu of Blue Island, Illinois in 1942,
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This a picture of my Mother-in-law with my husband's Dad. If anyone knows him please e-mail. He left them when my husband was 9 months old. Just would like family history. Thanks
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