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Yes plus 10 more on my mom's side of the family, :)
Hi Alena, Sorry I couldn't tell you much about this lady. I have Brown's in my family tree but Brown is such a common surname it would be really hard to say for sure. The photo was among other...
Please do share, it's why I upload photos to help people find their loved ones. :)
Beauty and the Beast ... Such a cute and different photo, Luv It!
Frances Stewart, 1952 Feb 09, 2012
From her students, In Memoriam ~ Her generous attitude for helping others earned for her the admiration and respect of all who knew her, Miss Stewart's affection for Appleton High School was both...
What a great photo!
Eldon Rudd Jan 03, 2012
Hi Kathy, I agree he was a cutie ... I posted an older photo of him so you can see. Thank you for taking the time to comment. :)