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George David and two cousins, next picture Johnnie David and Joe and Gene his two brothers on either side
our grandfather came from Syria, and at Ellis Island they told him to chose a more American name , so he changed it from Solomon David Maloff to Solomon David, so our last name became David, which...
these were the maloff family, my fathers cousins. my father and their father were brothers, their father kept the name maloff , my father's father changed his name to David as the last name
He loved to garden, and take raise rabbits, goats, and sheep
Harry like to be called Dino, he was a very strong determined man, worked very hard, he was in a lot of pain in his back from hard labor He was a chain smoker, which may account from his throat...
Arnold Lee Atkins Oct 30, 2013
John Daniel Hourigan May 11, 2013
born 1869 in Indiana
about 1926 , Los Angeles, Ca
Orville Adelbert Isham Apr 13, 2013
He was one of the sailors who died on the u.s.s. arizona at pearl harbor on December 07 1941