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Poor thing! Where we used to live, before we moved there about 1950, a little girl drowned in the cow's watering trough. :(
Aw...nice old picture...
Omar Dodson Muse, Ohio May 10, 2012
How sad. Thanks for the pictures..
Thanks for the interesting story!
I like it!
Oh what a sad story! Thank you for remembering him this way.
Thanks for sharing this history..
Thanks for the story!
Alex Markovski Apr 11, 2012
Thanks, I enjoy the stories.
Irene Markovski Apr 09, 2012
Very pretty picture.
Thanks Barb, I knew you would know the whole story! And I had Alfred wrongly identified, gee. I will update my family tree maker with these new dates, thank you!
He has a great smile...
Back row: Edward Beamish, John Beamish, their sister possibly Jane, Will Beamish holding baby Velva, Ethel Beamish, Charles and Pearl Walworth, Annie Beamish, Vern Beamish holding baby Ross.
John Beamish was my Great Grandfather, Father of James Truman Beamish. He was born Nov 26, 1849 in Ontario, Canada. He married Louise Moore while in Canada in 1876. It was family history that they...
Unknown Lady, 1800's Apr 01, 2012
She looks like I feel...
Edward C White married my Grandma, Eathel annamae Chase White.
Eathel is my beloved Grandmother, Mother of Leo White, my Father. Her husband was Edward C. White, and lived near New Lothrup Michigan.