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This is the text on the back of the photo of Golland. They both came from the Cheshire Regiment's Official History by Crookenden. I couldn't cut and paste it into the Bio Section, so here it is.
I took this photo when visiting the grave, along way from where Golland and Shiells died. Strangely enough, an oak bough taps Golland's gravestone in the breeze. The acorn and oakleaves are, of...
This is the field that Francis Golland, Bob Shiells (and my father and other members of 6 Platoon, A/C Co, 4Bn Cheshire Regiment) attempted to cross under machine-gun fire from the left. Golland...
My father's Platoon Commander, Francis Golland. Killed by a machine-gun while attempting to cross a field outside Watou in Belgium on 30 May 1940.